Nothing Is Cuter Than BJP Candidate Sunny Deol Being Clueless About Balakot Strikes

Only recently joining the BJP, Sunny Deol was in the midst of his election campaign in Gurdaspur (Punjab) when he was asked about Balakot.

Few celebrities wear their reputation of a ‘gentle giant’ as well as Sunny Deol. The 62-year-old actor known for his action films where he uproots hand-pumps to take on a mob, is also known for his soft-spoken ways during interviews. And therefore, when Deol was being interviewed in the middle of his election campaign as a BJP candidate from Gurdaspur (Punjab), it was understandable that he would stick to script and go on and on about he was focused on winning the election, and how BJP was needed to unify the country.

That’s when something peculiar happened. The reporter of the news channel improvised and asked him if ‘Balakot strikes’ were a part of the plan to unify the country? At once perplexed, Deol asked her what she was talking about? “Kaun strikes? I’m not fully informed about this, I can only say that I’m motivated to win over here and then we can sit and discuss all the questions that you might have,” Sunny Deol said while seated in his SUV.

In terms of unaware campaigning candidates, Sunny Deol joins BJP’s candidate from North-West Delhi, Hans Raaj Hans. He argued during a news debate that the Balakot strikes were the first-of-its-kind reply to a terror attacks. When reminded about the 1971 war that ended with Pakistan and Bangladesh’s birth, Hans excused himself from the conversation saying that he was little when the war happened and that he didn’t know too much about it.

Earlier, when BJP’s Nirmala Sitharaman was introducing Sunny Deol as a member of BJP, she was reading out the actor’s achievements. And she couldn’t resist bringing up Border that according to her ‘showed the feeling of nationalism and patriotism, when portrayed beautifully, can touch a c(h)ord with the people’.

Since we’re talking about the Deol parivaar, let’s also not forget Hema Malini’s hugely entertaining campaign in Mathura, that showed the veteran actress spectacularly fail to even put up a facade. Also, who can forget Moon Moon Sen’s ‘bed tea’ comment to a national news channel, that is destined to become a legendary meme. By the looks of it, life is definitely going to be less fun once these election campaigns end.