'No Bed Tea?' So What! Moon Moon Sen Has Us Enthralled With Other Gems

The actor-turned-politician said she hadn't heard anything because she was sleeping & woke up very late

Clashes broke out in West Bengal’s Asansol in the middle of the fourth round of polling for the Lok Sabha elections. An unaware Moon Moon Sen, who is TMC’s candidate from the constituency, had quite an unusual response to the reports of the violence. The actor-turned-politician said she hadn’t heard anything because she was sleeping & woke up very late.

“They gave me my bed tea very late so I woke up very late. What can I say? I really don’t know,” Moon Moon Sen,65, said, according to NDTV.

when further nudged about the increase in violence in Bengal during elections, she asked the reporter that she had not seen the violence when the Communist party was in power.

“You were too young to see when the Communists were in power. It is all over India, not just Bengal.”


Dubbed the “giant-killer” in the last election, Sen won the Bankura Lok Sabha seat in 2014 defeating nine-time Left lawmaker Basudeb Acharia with nearly 1 lakh votes.

Here is a list of the instances where Moon Moon Sen said things that made us marvel at her no-filter attitude.

When she said ‘Biharis made good police informers’

Last month, while campaigning for her seat in Asansol’s Amritnagar, Sen sparked a row after she described the Bihari population in Bengal as “good police informers”.

“Those Biharis who used to work as informers of Kolkata Police had good reputation. Earlier, they were seen wearing dhotis and kurtas, sitting on police jeeps, but these scenes go missing now. As a result, police officials face problems,” she said.

Her comments drew sharp response from BJP and CPI-M who accused Sen of insulting ‘the non-Bengali speaking people of Asansol’.

When she insisted that “Sati happens nowadays…”

In 2015, when the Trinamool MP was asked about protests against intolerance, she came up with another stunner saying customs like Sati are still in practise and added that people have been protesting because of computers and media.

“We have more media today, we have more cameras, we have more microphones. So the exposure is more.

“But tell me, wasn’t child marriage always there? Even nowadays Sati happens. These things have been prevalent in our country all along. Today they (the protestors) are able to come together, because there is a computer, there is a website. You (the media) are there,” she had said, PTI reported.

When she insisted that people should vote for her ‘because it will bring peace to my mother’s soul’

Moon Moon Sen was again in the eye of storm for seeking votes in the name of her mother & the Mahanayika of Bengali Cinema Suchitra Sen. At a political rally recently, Moon Moon urged people to vote for her so it would bring peace to her mother’s departed soul, The Tribune reported. “I am Suchitra Sen’s daughter. When I come to Asansol, I feel her beside me,” she said in one rally.