Anarkali of Arrah LIVE movie review: Swara Bhaskar emerges like a storm and steals the thunder

Swara Bhaskar, our very own Anarkali, takes over the stage and what magic does she create!

You have seen Swara Bhaskar as a bride-to-be in Tanu Weds Manu and an aggressive lover in Raanjhanaa; a housemaid who enrolls herself in the same class as her daughter in Nil Battey Sannata, and now, with her first solo film, Anarkali of Aarah, she is all set to push the boundaries in the industry in a never-seen-before avatar. Written and directed by Avinash Das, Anarkali of Arrah is the story of an erotic stage dancer hailing from Arrah district of Bihar who is very confident of her success. However, her life takes a dramatic twist when her confrontation with a very powerful man of the region follows a serious conflict. Her fight against the misogynist beliefs of the society, her undying spirit to change people’s perceptions towards a girl doing item numbers is what the story is all about.

Catch the live updates of ‘Anarkali of Arrah’ movie review:

8:38 pm: Anarkali emerges like a storm and steals the thunder. Salute to the Anaarkali in every woman—and to such writers who give a platform to such voices.

8:27 pm: Anarkali throws in a fiery dialogue:

Aag hoon main shamma nahi, jal jaoge tum

Tum toh barf ke gole ho, bekaar hi pighal jaoge

8:10 pm: She wants to sing. She will sing. Sing along! Mora piya matlab ka yaar

8:05 pm: Rekha Bharadwaj’s songs seem like an added character to the story.

7:58 pm: This young boy is fabulous as well. Anarkali’s journey is incomplete without him.

7:50 pm: In an interview to InUth, Swara Bhaskar tells why ‘Anarkali of Aarah’ is a brave film, her love for picking strong roles, her idea of feminism, women empowerment and much more.

Swara Bhaskar

7:40 pm: I’m telling you, this Anarkali is far opposite of the Anarkali we all knew so far—she’ll fight.

A screen grab from the trailer of 'Anarkali of Aarah'

A screen grab from the trailer of ‘Anarkali of Aarah’

7:33 pm: She gives it back. Anarkali has a style—and you love her more for that.

Swara Bhaskar

Swara Bhaskar

7:30 pm: For Swara Bhaskar, Anarkali of Aarah is the story of a struggle that the Chikni Chamelis and Munni Badnaams of Bollywood go through every day.

7:25 pm: Here begins the struggle and Swara keeps on shining. This film belongs to her—not even close to the interval and this actress proves how terrific a performer she is.

7:23 pm: It seems like Sanjay Misra has penned down an entire book. (Laughter)sanjay-mishra-750

7:20 pm: So, Anarkali is a woman of substance. She can’t take s**t and an applaud worthy scene here.

7:15 pm: When Swara Bhaskar cleared the air saying that she isn’t playing a sex worker in the film. She said an erotic singer doesn’t have sex for money but it is her songs that get her a living.

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7:11 pm: Arrey… Ye Anarkali Arrah Waali taap ki entertainer hai bhayi!

7:07 pm: Even a rainbow can’t pull off its seven colours the way our Anarkali pulls off these colours in her outfits.

7:02 pm: Swara’s Anarkali has a knowledge of music and confidence in her craft. Impressive indeed!

6:52 pm: Now, she takes over the stage and what magic does she create!

Thumka of the year!

Thumka of the year!

6:50 pm: Here it begins… Our Anarkali takes over the screen with Pankaj Tripathi