Dear Zindagi movie review: A beautiful lullaby to make you believe that 'imperfect you is the best you'

Remember SRK's one of the most popular dialogues -- Haso, jeeyo, muskurao... kya pata kal ho na ho. Jahangir Khan justifies the line.

Throughout the promotional campaign for Dear Zindagi, actor Shah Rukh Khan has been saying that this film completely belongs to Alia Bhatt. He said that the film is more of a conversation with one’s own life. The team pitched the film as an inspirational story which is needed to be told. But it is more than what the makers promised.

Dear Zindagi is the best example of telling difficult things in a simple language on-screen. And that’s probably what Gauri Shinde’s storytelling is all about. Her narrative talks about complications in the most subtle way. Dear Zindagi talks about the complicated side of ourselves and leaves a few questions unanswered. It shows a girl’s conversation with herself. It shows how important is to have that courage to hold yourself back for a moment in life, analyse your decisions, sort out things with yourself, remove the mess and then move forward.

dear zindagi

Dear Zindagi
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While I was a kid, my mother used to tell me to about the best way to analyse how productive my day was. She used to ask me to list down things that I did throughout the day just before I go to sleep. Listing what I did and what I should not have done, used to make me wake up better prepared for the next day. But in the hustle-bustle of life, this schedule somewhere got lost in the wheel of time. Dear Zindagi felt like an alarm that woke me up, to make me sleep peacefully again.

dear zindagi

Dear Zindagi
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Yes, Alia Bhatt is once again seen playing the cute-young girl who has a lot to achieve in life. But her ways to approach life will force you to change the way you look at yours. Not many have the courage to accept that they are not satisfied with their lives. Kaira does so. She is an inspiration for one and all to just pause their lives and pose some hard questions to ourselves.

Kaira has her own inhibitions about life. She is cranky most of her life and has her issues with the idea of love. But she decides to take charge of her life. She doesn’t shy away from taking someone’s help. She listens to nature, talks to herself, figures out what makes her happy and gets back on with life. This time, to live it. The film’s narrative is a simple learning that substantiates the thought that — zindagi jeene or kaatne mein bahot farq hota hai.


Shah Rukh Khan’s character Jahangir Khan is a man who doesn’t think life should be taken seriously. He is like how we all used to be in our childhood — not eating what we didn’t like, not playing what we didn’t want to, not talking to people with whom we were not comfortable with. Remember SRK’s one of the most popular dialogues — Haso, jeeyo, muskurao… kya pata kal ho na ho. Jahangir Khan justifies the line.

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dear zindagi

Dear Zindagi
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The songs of the film are unlike other songs in our quintessential Bollywood movies. They add to the narrative. So when Kaira says ‘Love you Zindagi’, you believe that there’s a conversation happening with life. When she says ‘Just Go To Hell’, you tend to think of all the moments when you desperately wanted to go run from a situation.

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There’re no heavy dialogues in the film but meaningful conversations. And a few silent scenes where you’re asked to freeze and think about yourself. The other characters in the film — Kunal Kapoor, Angad Bedi, Ali Zafar appear like questions in Kaira’s life. The questions which are necessary to be answered.

Much like Gauri Shinde’s English Vinglish, Dear Zindagi too carries a rich content. And a storyline which doesn’t sound preachy and shouts on your head. But soothes you like a beautiful lullaby which transports into the dreamy world where you can relax on an armchair, a sip of coffee and figure out ways to find peace with yourself.

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