Befikre movie review: Ranveer Singh-Vaani Kapoor offer a good looking film

Ranveer SIngh and Vaani Kapoor's Befikre is a good looking film. From backdrops, costumes to music, you can't get tired of watching the beauty it showcases
Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor starrer Befikre has hit the theaters today and it seems like director Aditya Chopra went actually carefree with the film. Touted as a different take on romance in Bollywood, this film has a twisted, convoluted plot. However, you can’t take your eyes off from the stunning Paris locales shown throughout the film.
Plot: Ranveer Singh plays Dharam (the name really suits him), an old Delhi boy who is in Paris and works as a stand-up comedian. Vaani, with a fancy name Shrya, is a tour guide. And quite a sexy one. They meet, they hook-up, they decide not to fall in love but you know how these Hindi films are! Well, here the plot ends with loads of twists and turns.
Performances: Ranveer’s energetic performance as Dharam was almost flawless. However, his Kapil Sharma-ish punches, which were supposed to justify the comedian in him, fail to tickle your funny bone. The quirky persona that Ranveer carries in real-life is evidently visible in Befikre. So, when he walks in style wearing those funky red or black boxers, you fall for Ranveer and not Dharam.
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Befikre Trailer Indian Express Photo For InUth

 The body language and gestures will totally take you back to Band Baaja Baaraat. Remember the purani Delhi styled bread pakode ki kasam? We loved Ranveer back then and we loved Ranveer now as well.

Vaani’s Shrya is a bold, confident and an independent woman who’s fearless in her stances and completely defies the typical adarsh Bharatiya nari image of Indian women. She decides the boundaries of her morality and is quite clear in that.

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Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh in Befikre (Courtesy: Instagram/Ranveer Singh)

Shrya and Dharam enjoy a crackling chemistry. They dance on the streets of Paris, make us lost the count of times they kiss and have fun together. In short, the couple makes everything seems bright and colourful around them. And that’s a surprise! The trailer and other promos didn’t show this bond between Ranveer and Vaani in the film. To their credit, their sizzling chemistry is the film’s USP.

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Music: Vishal and Shekhar are the magicians turned musicians. The duo has done a tremendous job. Though the music doesn’t seem to be a part of the narrative, it adds enough value to the film. It makes it look rich.

The best part: Befikre is a good looking film. From backdrops and costumes to music, you can’t get tired of watching its beauty. The film has YRF written on its each frame. Well, why not? It celebrates the grandeur and romance YRF offers through its films.

The worst part: Only if Adi Chopra didn’t have let the story go haywire, Befikre could be an even better film. It has an extremely loose plot. Seems like the director was only sure about the start and the end of the film and what happens in between doesn’t really concern him.

In fact, the very quirky chemistry between Vaani and Ranveer appears wasted in the film.