Befikre's new video is out and Aditya Chopra is cheating you in it

Ranveer Singh says that Aditya Chopra has put his heart and soul in Befikre and this movie is not a roller coaster ride of emotions, it's a merry go round!

Filmmaker Aditya Chopra’s upcoming movie Befikre is all set to hit the cinemas this Friday and we can’t wait to watch Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor’s sizzling hot chemistry on the silver screen. While the film has already created a buzz among the audience with its unconventional and cool love story, the pairing of Ranveer and Vaani is the icing on the cake.

Recently, a behind-the-scenes video of the film was released by YRF on its YouTube channel in which Ranveer and Vaani talked about working with Aditya Chopra. But ladies and gentlemen, hold your imaginations as you won’t get to watch Adi Chopra on screen (once again). Yes, in the entire two minute video, you will only be able to watch him behind the lens. Put your guessing caps on!

Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor in Befikre (Courtesy: YouTube/ YRF)

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The filmmaker rarely makes any public appearances and always remains away from the paparazzi. Just what could be the reasons of him doing the same though?

  • Is he camera shy? (He’s a director, how can he be?)
  • Is he not confident about his looks? (In this case, he doesn’t need to worry. He has Rani Mukerji as his wife ya)
  • Does he not enjoy public attention? (He anyways makes headlines with his works)

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Aditya Chopa Befikre screen shot

Aditya Chopra on the sets of Befikre (Courtesy: YouTube/ YRF)

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Befikre, as the filmmaker has put it, is his “happiest, youngest and riskiest film.” The essence of the film is being carefree in love. And Adi has deemed to have put his heart and soul in this film to make it look like a different take on Bollywood’s quintessential romance tales. Even Ranveer had said that Befikre is not a roller coaster ride of emotions but a merry go round!