Mira Rajput says she is a housewife and proud of the label

Mira Rajput's voice was loud and clear at a recent event in Mumbai. She accepted to be proud of being a housewife and stay at home mother

Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput, has different thoughts than a large chunk of people when it comes to feminism. Speaking at an event to mark Women’s Day at a suburban hotel on Wednesday, Mira said the new wave of feminism is destructive. She said the new concept of feminism is equal to male chauvinism. This statement of Mira comes weeks after she appeared on the chat show Koffee With Karan with husband Shahid Kapoor.

On the show, Shahid and Mira spoke amazing things about arranged marriage. They accepted to falling in love with each other after their marriage. After the episode aired, Shahid and Mira were slammed on social media with many saying they promoted a regressive thought. But after all the hatred, Shahid said he wouldn’t let people’s views let him rethink his decision.

Now Mira Rajput’s statements on the matter are on the same lines of Shahid. Here’s what she said:

    • Mira asked why can’t anyone be an accomplished filmmaker. She said people needed to understand that accomplishing something meant setting their heart on this. Mira said, ‘I am a housewife and wear that label with pride’
    • The Delhi-born girl said she had a tough pregnancy. Mira added she loved being at home and spending time with her daughter Misha. She said she was against the idea of spending one hour with her daughter and then rushing to work. Mira dissed the concept that by doing so, she wouldn’t be the woman of today.

Mira with daughter Misha
(Courtesy: Instagram/ @shahidkapoor)

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  • When asked about her unlikely marriage that took Bollywood by surprise, Mira said it had turned out well beautifully for her. She said just like any marriage, Shahid and she fought, laughed and did a lot of stuff together
  • Mira said she could have been a working mother too but chose not to do that. She said a working mother makes her own choices and neither of them, a homemaker or a working woman, should be shamed for it.
  • Mira stressed that the new wave of feminism is aggressive. It is a term called FemeNazi, said Mira, and added feminism is not pitting men and women against each other.