Kriti Sanon gives it back to Rishi Kapoor on the issue of younger stars missing Vinod Khanna's funeral

Kriti Sanon replied to Rishi Kapoor's statements that younger stars did not have respect for industry stalwarts after many missed Vinod Khanna's funeral

Kriti Sanon has responded to Rishi Kapoor, who has earlier slammed younger actors for missing Vinod Khanna’s funeral, by saying it is untrue that the new generation of stars is less emotional. Kriti Sanon is probably the first actor who has spoken on the matter after Rishi Kapoor said young stars did not have respect for industry stalwarts. The young actress said that people not coming to attend the funeral were a situational thing.

When Vinod Khanna had passed away on 27 April, his Amar Akbar Anthony co-star Rishi Kapoor slammed young stars for missing the funeral. He said they had time to attend Priyanka Chopra’s party and added it showed how much respect they have for seniors in the industry.

But according to Kirti, this was purely circumstantial. Speaking to a leading entertainment portal, Kriti said, “I would like to believe it was situational. I don’t think the present generation is less attached. I personally am emotional about people who I know and I am around.”

“There can be individual reasons for people who knew Vinod Khanna and worked with him, but still were not there (funeral). There might be people who were not in Mumbai or were travelling. I can’t comment on someone as to why they didn’t turn up,” Kriti added.

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Though many young stars did not attend the funeral, they were seen at the prayer meet. After this, Rishi Kapoor thanked the younger lot for attending the meet.

Vinod Khanna passed away last month after battling cancer for long. One of the most successful actors of his times. Vinod Khanna scripted history by choosing unconventional roles. At a time when actors wished to play the hero, Khanna did not have any problems in playing the antagonist. The demise of Vinod Khanna has obviously left a void in the Indian film industry and his absence will be felt by all the fans of Indian cinema.

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