If there is something called practicing feminist, then Sunny Leone is the best example of it

Sunny Leone has never called herself a feminist. She never spoke loud like other Bollywood actresses and talked about gender. Her deeds have done that

Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber adopted a baby girl from Maharashtra’a Latur and named her as Nisha Kaur Weber. The actress who is now one of the popular faces in Bollywood has a history that troubles many. Sunny Leone has worked as an adult film star before venturing into Bollywood and that’s precisely what bothers the flag bearers of morality. So much is the hatred that some even didn’t shy away from shaming little Nisha and predicted her future as the next big porn star. Calling Sunny names and reminding her of her life choices in the past is part of the regular backlash that the actress faces on social media. And she handles that gracefully. However, does she really deserve all this criticism? Criticism for what? For her life decisions which have nothing to do with us? For her decision of becoming a parent to a poor child from a village? For being sure about the kind of upbringing she would want to give to that child? For ensuring good education and future for that child?

Sunny Leone adopts daughter, hate comments on facebook

Hate comments on Sunny Leone’s photo with her daughter

What makes Sunny Leone such an endearing personality is the fact that despite such negativity surrounding her, she has managed to wade through it. The dignity and grace with which she handles negativity is a life lesson for most young girls — never be apologetic for the choices you have made.  Sunny’s deeds are something that establishes her as a true example of an independent woman, a woman of real substance.

Sunny Leone with her cute little daughter Nisha

Sunny Leone with her cute little daughter Nisha

Sunny is less noise, more substance. Unlike Bollywood actresses, who usually are very outspoken about issues related to women, she has really never shouted out the word feminism or claimed to be one. But she has always stood up for herself to give back in the most graceful way.

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We only list out some.

When she tweeted for the politician who had a problem with her endorsing condoms:

Or when she shushed a highly sexist and insensitive interviewer on a national news channel like this:

Or when she took that subtle dig on porn ban

When she openly gave the most logical solution to the problem people had with actress Priyanka Chopra’s dress

I believe that we have elected a very smart man to be the Prime Minister of India. He is so smart, so intelligent, so outspoken, that if he had a problem with it (Priyanka wearing a short dress) he would tell Priyanka. But he didn’t.

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When Rakhi called her a ‘reject,’ this is how she showed her resilience

These people will never get to me, and nothing will stop me from working my butt off to where I want in life.

And this one, when a Twitter user tried to troll her by saying that the common thing between her and the films of Sunny Deol is that they both scream a lot, she first said: “I know you like my movies better” and then did this:

Sunny Leone, Sunny Deol twitter troll

Or when she refused to shoot an item song when kids were present in the sets.

And called out the ‘insecure women’ by saying this:


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Sunny Leone is also known for her charity work. She is devoted to the cause of stopping cruelty against animals through PETA. She also ran a half marathon to raise money for American Cancer Society. She has consciously said not to pan masala and tobacco ads. This was after Delhi government wrote letters to spouses of actors endorsing tobacco products. She also did a short film called 11 minutes which urged people to stop smoking. Watch it here:

Apart from the fact that she is a beautiful human being, she also knows when to stand up for her and does it with so much dignity. The way Sunny has given it back to her haters is unlike any other Bollywood actress’ way responding to trolling. She chooses social media or only answers when she is asked, that too, quite sarcastically or in a way which is not too direct or on the face. A true feminist will always stand for herself, even if that means fighting the world alone. Sunny has done the same. She has made her life choices from the very beginning and always maintained her calm and grace while addressing issues in life.

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Silently she did, but her stances have always created an impact. More power to her!

Your thoughts?

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