How Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh became a self acclaimed saviour of the world using cinema as propaganda

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has appeared in 5 films since 2015 and all of the movies feature him as a man on a mission. Have a look

The big news of today, August 25 is the appearance of Dera Sacha Sauda Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh at a CBI court in Panchkula. The self-proclaimed Godman, who was accused of rape, was pronounced guilty. The chief has been sent to preventional custody and his sentence will be pronounced on August 28. The atmosphere in Punjab and Haryana has been tense since a few days now with thousands of devotees of the Gurmeet Ram Rahim thronging Sirsa and adjacent places to show their support for him. They have slept on roads, and are ready to sacrifice their comfort for their beloved Baba.

How Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh rose to become one of the few influential people in India to enjoy Z security is an altogether different story. Here we bring to notice another feat of his – becoming a movie celebrity. Since 2015, Gurmeet Ram Rahim has made 5 films, most of which were panned by critics. In films, Gurmeet Ram Rahim dons many hats – he is the director, producer, actor, music director, and costume designer. What he does in his films can be understood through his Twitter bio, which reads, “Spiritual Saint/ Philanthropist/ Versatile Singer/ Allrounder Sportsperson/ Film Director/ Actor/ Art Director/ Music Director/  Writer/ Lyricist/ Autobiographer/ DOP.” What all his movies have in common is that he plays the role of a man on a mission to save humanity. Reviewers have said that his films are strictly for his followers which point out that he does all this as a part of a propaganda.

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Gurmeet Ram Rahim claims that his movies do stupendous business at the Box Office, clearly pointing out he doesn’t care about reviews. Have a look at the kind of films he has done:

Messenger of God (MSG)

In his grand Bollywood debut, MSG, he played himself as the spiritual leader who takes it upon himself to eradicate evils like drug abuse and alcoholism. Before the film released on February 13, 2015, it got locked in a battle with the Central Board of Film Certification. The board refused certification to the film saying it portrayed Singh as a God. The revising committee, however, cleared the film. However, the critics later panned it. One even said that MSG: Messenger of God was not a movie, while another one wrote that it was three-hour long torture which made one laugh. Box Office numbers suggested the film earned Rs 16.65 crore but the makers maintained the film earned Rs 126 crore.

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MSG-2 The Messenger

In the same year as he debuted, Gurmeet Ram Rahim treated his followers (and headache to others) with another movie. In the first one, he was portrayed as the only man representing India who could not be harmed but in the second movie, Singh became the epitome of forgiveness. He threw light on Tibru tribe to take them on a path of civilization. If ‘teaching’ a tribe to leave a ‘savage’ life was not enough, Guru Ram Rahim fought an entire army single-handedly because they wanted to neutralize the tribes and saw them as terrorists. But the goodwill of Gurmeet Ram Rahim could not even evade the army and they realized what a great man he is! This film too was criticised and reviewers said it had nothing for non-followers of Dera Sacha Sauda. As far as Box Office is concerned, apparently earned Rs 5000 at the ticket counters in the first weekend. However, around 1,95,872 attended the premiere of MSG2- The Messenger in Gurgaon on September 16, 2015, a feat recorded by Asia Book of Records.

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MSG- The Warrior Lion Heart

After checking the boxes of fighting the army and foreign forces single-handedly, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh turned into a warrior in his third film that released in 2016. His mission on this one, you ask? Well, he fights aliens in the modern era and saves his land from intruders in the medieval age (so much for time travel). If nothing else, the film was marketed on a large scale. Reportedly, the world’s largest poster spanning 15,123.8 square meters was unveiled by his fans. The song Sohna Mera Mishri Di Daliye was unveiled in an event of attended by 40 lakh people. The critics panned the film to be as ‘terrible as one would expect’. The movie earned around Rs 13 crore at the Box Office, according to reports.

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Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab: MSG Lion Heart 2

Gurmeet Ram Rahim tapped on the topic of surgical strikes and released another movie on February 10, 2017. He played the role of an Indian Spy- Sher-E-Hind in the film who launched the surgical strikes on Pakistan. He film sailed on nationalism but not without having a romantic angle to it (of course to make it more appealing). During the film promotions, he said ‘love doesn’t need to be exhibited’. The film clashed with Akshay Kumar’s Jolly LLb 2 at the Box Office, and makers claimed the movie earned Rs 100 crore on the seventh day.

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Jattu Engineer

With this May 2017 release, Gurmeet Ram Rahim divulged into the comedy genre. The film also featured his daughter Honeypreet Insan. And like all his previous films, Singh played the role of a man on a mission. Only this time around he did not fight either our neighbors or an army but became a teacher who used comedy to reform a village addicted to drugs. The film was shot in 15 days and Gurmeet Ram Rahim was given 40 credits in the film.



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