Hindi Medium Box Office success proves Irrfan Khan is Mr Consistent of Bollywood [Opinion]

Irrfan Khan has yet again proved that it isn't necessary for a film to churn out big numbers at the Box Office to be declared a hit

Irrfan Khan has yet again proved that it isn’t necessary for a film to churn out big numbers at the Box Office to be declared a hit. While all the other actors long for a big start for their films on the first Friday, Irrfan keeps his eye on the longevity of his films. And the resounding success of Hindi Medium is a shining example of that. A film that had a meagre start of Rs 2. 81 crore at the ticket window is now eyeing the Rs 50 crore mark. The growth and consistency that this Irrfan Khan starrer has shown at the Box Office are what the other actors should actually want to have.

Roaring Despite Competition

Hindi Medium, a small budgeted satirical take on the increasing importance of English language in the society, had hit the screens on April 19 alongside the much hyped Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor starrer Half Girlfriend. Based on a novel of the similar name by Chetan Bhagat, the film started off big at the Box Office but due to lack of engaging content, it’s steam gradually fizzled out. The Mohit Suri directorial received a grand opening of Rs 10 crore on Day 1 and by the end of its second-week run, it could only rake in close to Rs 60 crore. The simple math here showcases that at the end, only content speaks.

Unmatched Consistency

Irrfan seems to be making this a habit. Be it The Lunchbox, Talvaar or Piku, most of his previous films, were slow starters but ended up being a hit at the Box Office. Steady collections throughout the week, and not just on the first three days, is a pattern that all Irrfan films have been following.

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Take Hindi Medium for an instance, the film has collected Rs 12.56 crore in its first weekend and Rs 12.14 crore in the second. The difference here is of a few lakhs which itself speaks for the merit and consistency of the film. The numbers it made on the weekdays were also as steady.

Hindi Medium, Irrfan Khan, Saba Qamarf entertainment. Many other A-listers have failed repeatedly to have such a run at the Box Office.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Irrfan is changing the rules of the game with his intelligent choice of films and brilliant performance. He has proved to be one of the most stable and credible Hindi film actors in the past few years. Hence, it’s high time that he is declared Mr Consistent of Bollywood.

More power to you Irrfan!

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