Why did Justin Bieber suddenly leave India without completing his tour

Justin Bieber was supposed to visit Taj Mahal, Jaipur and Delhi on his maiden trip to India but seems the pop star has left the country

Justin Bieber performed in India for the first time yesterday and send his fans into a frenzy. But seems that is all his fans would get to see as the pop star has apparently left India, cutting his trip short. The star was supposed to visit Taj Mahal, do touristy stuff in Jaipur and Delhi and attend a Bollywood style party. But seems Justin Bieber did not want to stay longer and flew back.

Reports suggest that maybe the Canadian singer was unhappy with the arrangements. The show was touted as one of the biggest concerts to be held on Indian soil. But in reality, it was unplanned and lacked organisational skills.  Uncontrolled crowds, overpriced snacks and inadequate toilets, turned the event into a disappointment.

There were numerous reports that after the gig Justin Bieber went for a midnight stroll at the Gateway of India. And with the latest reports that have surfaced, it looks like this was the only sightseeing that Justin would be doing.

If the star has indeed left India, then his opulent plans would never see the light of the day. Before he landed in India, there were reports that the star has laid out a number of demands. These included a Kerala masseuse and a camel ride in the sand dunes. Butlers from Rajasthan were said to ensure the star had a lavish dining experience. To make the experience truly royal, the food was to be served to Justin in traditional gold and silver plated thalis. The thalis were reported to be customised with engravings of the artist and his entourage’s names embedded on the dinner plates in Devanagari script.

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After a lot of hoopla surrounding the pop star’s visit, it seems he has left India. We know his fans would be hoping he returns soon for another performance.

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