'Fan' demands a kiss from actress Adah Sharma, goes on a now-deleted Twitter rant after she refuses

Adah Sharma was asked for a kiss by a man and after she denied it, he and few other loonies trolled the actress on Twitter

While actresses getting mobbed for selfies is sadly a common sight, what happened with Adah Sharma is absolutely ridiculous. The actress was ‘asked’ for a kiss by a 30-something man during a confrontation and when she sternly refused, strangely he was the one who got angry and offended.

Talking to a leading daily, Adah said that the incident occurred at the airport where she was boarding a flight to Goa from Mumbai. She said:

It was there that this 30-plus, married man asked me to kiss him publicly. His audacity to ask me to kiss him was shocking enough. But even after I said ‘NO’, he had the gall to ask me, ‘Why? You kissed in Commando 2 and also had a 1-hour-45-minute kiss in Heart Attack. I’m like your brother or father — what’s the big deal? I’m asking to kiss me on my cheeks.

Adah Sharma (Courtesy: Instagram/@adah_ki_adah)

Adah Sharma (Courtesy: Instagram/@adah_ki_adah)

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Apparently, Adah let it go then but the ‘dejected fan’ took to Twitter to shame her and strangely found several supporters. Some went so far as to call her a ‘man-hater’. She then took to Twitter to vent out her anger and hit back at the trolls.

She tweeted:

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Consent is key, guys. Or do you not understand the concept still?

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