Do you know for how much Rishi Kapoor bought an award for Bobby?

In a recent interview with a popular TV channel, Rishi Kapoor revealed the amount of money he spent to buy the award.

Rishi Kapoor buying an award for his debut film Bobby (1973), something that he accepted in his autobiography Khullam Khulla,  has started conversations about the credibility of these shows. Award shows have been seen in the film fraternity and beyond that, with immense respect. But after Rishi Kapoor’s revelation, we wonder if that would be the case. In a recent interview with a popular TV channel, Chintu Kapoor revealed the amount of money he spent to buy the award.

Rishi Kapoor's book launch (Courtesy: IANS)

Rishi Kapoor’s book launch (Courtesy: IANS)

The Kapoor & Sons actor had spent Rs 30,000 on the award. He accepted of feeling guilty to India Today TV for doing such a thing. Rishi Kapoor said he was a brat back then and someone came to him with the proposition to buy an award. He realised that 30,000 was quite a lot of money back then, but said yes anyway.

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However, the amount could have never reached the right place, claimed Rishi Kapoor. He didn’t shun away the possibility of the man being a con-man. He said maybe him winning the award was on merit and the credibility was not compromised.

Rishi Kapoor at his book launch (Courtesy: IANS)

Rishi Kapoor at his book launch (Courtesy: IANS)

When questioned if awards can be bought these days too, Rishi Kapoor said he wasn’t aware of the this. The 64-year-old actor took a jibe when he said he won an award recently and he didn’t pay for it.

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Since the time Rishi revealed about buying an award, there has been a conjecture about the particular trophy being a Filmfare one. When asked about it, he said:

I did not write a Filmfare award (in the book). I have not said any names. I have said I bought *an award*

He added:

I regret it. Absolutely. It was my age, I had no vision, nothing was correct for me at that point of time. And I was a rich man’s son, and I felt even richer to be working as an actor. I regret that very much till today.