Chapter 2 of Anushka Sharma's Phillauri has left us curious about Diljit Dosanjh's character

Dhoti kurta, aankhon mein kajal, haathon mein tumba! Anushka Sharma beautifully describes her love and leave us curious about Diljit Dosanjh's character

Set in the Phillaur village of Punjab, Anushka Sharma’s second production venture is certainly a stand-out film. Anushka portraying the role of a friendly spirit is something we have not seen much. The ghost claims to be married to a soon-to-be-married man, saying that they got hitched while following a Manglik ritual with a tree. And the journey of the ghost and the cool dude seems to be intriguing, at least by the looks of the trailer.

Phillauri is about an unfinished love story that brings two lifetimes together. Though the trailer was released a long ago, Diljit Dosanjh was not the highlight. By the trailer and teasers, what we could guess is that Diljit is playing a role of a folk singer. This is something he is doing for the first time and his fans have definitely never seen him in this avatar. However, the makers have today released the chapter two of the film, in which Anushka is talking about the love of her life, titled as ‘Shashi Ka Pyaar’.


Anushka Sharma in Phillauri
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This 2-minute video shows Diljit’s character in the film. Narrated by Anushka Sharma, the video reveals details about their love story. The video commences with Shashi telling about him. Dhoti kurta, aankhon mein kajal, haathon mein tumba, she beautifully describes the love of her life. She tells about his enthralling looks and soothing voice. The way Anushka explains Diljit’s character make us imagine somebody really charming, no not the prince on a white horse, but a rustic ‘desi’ man.

Have you ever thought about your dream man? Here Anushka explains exactly him. The rustic look man who respects her love and gives her sense of freedom. Their ol’ school romance sounds so perfect that we are just curious to see Diljit’s character. If a small 2-minute teaser can make you fall in love, imagine how it would be to see him in the film.

Chapter 1

Directed by Anshai Lal, Phillauri is Anushka Sharma’s second production. This is for the first time when Anushka and Diljit will be paired up and we are already in love with their chemistry. The film is scheduled to release on March 24 this year, meanwhile watch trailer and songs here:



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