Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om threatens makers, rants against Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Swami Om did not learn any lesson after being kicked out of the house amd he called Salman Khan an anti national in an interview

The most notorious contestant of Bigg Boss 10 Swami Om was shown an exit door in yesterday’s episode after his appalling act. The action of the self-proclaimed Godman was so disgusting that host Salman Khan went beyond his routine to meet the contestants. Salman, who is usually seen on the weekend episodes, hosted a special Salman ka Vaar segment last night. The superstar condemned Swami’s actions in strong words and called him a dhongi.

But seems even an ouster from the reality show too hasn’t taught any lesson to Swami Om. Post his exit Swami Om threatened he wouldn’t let the finale to happen if not taken back inside the house in coming two weeks. Swami made this comments when he was interviewed about his actions by journalist Dibang. When then journalist asked if he was threatening the makers, Swami Om asserted he very much was.

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Since the beginning of the show, Swami Om did many things which were neither liked by his co-contestants nor the viewers. But, he crossed all limits when he threw his piss on Bani J and Rohan Mehra in a task, a few days ago. When he was locked in the jail of the house after the incident, Swami Om defended himself by saying it was water and nothing else. But not even the makers bought his defense and sent security guards to take him out of the house.

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After the exit, Swami Om made the same kind of demeaning statements that he made inside the house. Only this time he didn’t even leave Salman Khan. In a TV interview that he gave after his exit, Swami Om reportedly called Salman an anti-national and ISI agent. In his rant against the makers, Swami Om said that contestants adulterated his food with drugs and plotted to kill him.

A look at his statements and his behavior leads us to think- is there no limit to stooping low for this man? Maybe no.