Another day, another trolling: Renuka Shahane shames misogynist for calling her a prostitute

The Twitter user trolled Shahane as a response to her tweet on Mahatma Gandhi's death anniversary

Social media is both a blessing and a woe. Though it serves as a medium for free speech to flourish, the sheer anonymity gives many a ticket to troll, hurt sentiments and hurl crass abuses.

Renuka Shahane, in a Facebook post, called out a Twitter user’s blatant misogyny. The user, who goes by the name of Pintu Kumar, tagged Sahane and Swara Bhaskar and called them a prostitute in Hindi. He did so as a response to Shahane’s tweet on Martyr’s Day ie Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary.

renuka shahane tweet

Bollywood actresses have been an easy target for trolls to aim their abuses at. Most of them face trolling on a daily basis from trolls who resort to hurling profanities in Hindi in order to sharpen the sting. Words such as ‘r***i’, ‘k*****a’ and ‘k***k’ are not only highly offensive but also reveal the underlying misogyny in the attacks.

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In her post, Shahane called the troll ‘brainless’ and also sided with the profession of sex workers who she pointed out was ‘usually brutal’. She also reportedly lodged a complaint with the cyber crime police.

“Most of them sell their bodies to take care of their families.
What is despicable is not their profession but that there are often customers, sellers, human traffickers, policeman, law enforcement agencies who benefit by them and exploit these vulnerable human beings.”

Read Shahane’s Facebook post here:

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Shahane has been known for taking a strong stance on various social and political issues. The Hum Aapke Hain Koun actress slammed Sonu Nigam’s ‘tone and manner’ when he complained on Twitter that his sleep was disturbed by the noise of morning azaan. She also pointed out the class bias in the Aarushi Talwar murder case as Hemraj’s murder was not much talked about. She also pointed out the baselessness of Padmaavat protests by pointing out that the ban should rather be on rape, female foeticide and sexual molestation.