All you need to know about the Salman Khan interview that has left Bhai's fans fuming

Salman Khan was said to have walked out of an interview after he was asked uncomfortable questions and ended up getting the journalist trolled

Salman Khan is spending busy days promoting his upcoming movie Tubelight. As a part of this promotional journey, Salman has been giving a lot of interviews, one of which has started conversations about the ethics of journalism and has got the interviewers trolled on social media. It is now being suggested the aforementioned interviews was rigged and the journalist changed the questions later to sound brave and gutsy. Various senior journalists are of the opinion that the journalist used Salman Khan’s name for a shot at stardom.

It all started when Ankur Pathak from Huffington Post India interviewed Salman Khan for Tubelight. During the conversation, Ankur did not restrict himself to the movie and asked a plethora of questions to the star. The journalist apparently asked Salman Khan uncomfortable questions about his court cases and even suggested that his idolising among youth is not ethical, given his dark past. The interviewer also pointed out how Salman Khan fans leave no chance to troll those who don’t agree with the star. At the end of the conversation, Salman was asked about the real intention of his foundation Being Human, which left him fuming and he walked out.

As soon as the interview went online, Ankur was trolled by the ardent fans of Salman Khan. They abused him and said he was never this rude to other stars he spoke to. While the reaction he got proved Ankur’s point of being trolled for saying anything against Salman, later in the day things took a different turn. Many alleged that the questions were later changed and demanded that the recording of the interview be made public. Without naming the journalist or the publication where the controversial Salman Khan interview was published, prominent film critic Rajiv Masand tweeted: “Maybe Im old fashioned but I think it’s unethical to go back & rewrite yr questions to make yrself sound smarter & bolder after an interview(sic).” To t his Amar Butala, CEO of Salman Khan Films said: “Not sure who this is for @RajeevMasand but very well put! We had an awful experience just last evening with this very thing!”

Here is how Ankur Pathak was trolled after the interview:

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Here are few tweets on the entire issue after it escalated:

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What happened on Wednesday evening at Bandra’s Taj Lands End during the interview, is still shrouded in mystery. If the argument that the interview was changed turns out to be true, then it is surely a big blot on the ethics of journalism. And if this is not the case, maybe the fans of Salman Khan should learn to not troll someone who doesn’t agree with them.

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