All jilted lovers must take a lesson from Akshay Kumar's 'fair in love and war' dialogue in Jolly LLB 2

Akshay Kumar, who plays a lawyer in Jolly LLB2, says a dialogue which the jilted lovers should understand at the earliest

Akshay Kumar-directorial venture Jolly LLB 2 has set the cash registers ringing within merely two days of its theatrical release. The courtroom drama directed by Subhash Kapoor has won accolades from critics and fans alike.

The film, which is the second instalment of 2013 Arshad Warsi-starrer Jolly LLB, has been praised for the dialogues and witty one-liners. I happened to watch the film as well and trust me, there is one dialogue which has left a deep impression on me.

I will not reveal the spoiler but the context needs to be explained. During an argument, Akshay issues a powerful statement. Roughly translated, he says that someone said everything is fair in love and war. If that is the case, it is justified to behead a soldier guarding the border and nothing wrong for jilted lovers to throw acid at a woman’s face.

Sadly, we often hear women being attacked by a youth who could not take a ‘no’ as an answer from her. The age-old Bollywood rhetoric that a girl’s ‘no’ is actually a ‘yes’ might have to do with it. While we are not blaming the films for promoting acid attack, but the infamous concept translates into different modes of execution.

It is not possible that a girl you like has to reciprocate the feelings in a similar way. It is up to her whether she perceives you as someone worthy of spending a whole life. This relationship status has been labelled as ‘friend zoning’ which is commonly used these days. Now, it is not justified that all the men whose love is left unrequited resort to throwing acid. It is a cowardly act and stems from the cliche line “tum meri nahi hui, to kisi ki bhi nahi hogi“. How fair is it? Is it love? Not at all.

So, next time when you can’t take rejection and plot such a shameful act of disfiguring a face for which you penned countless couplets, remember this dialogue for a lifetime.

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