Valentine's Day is a dreaded occasion every year for this single guy

Whenever the world gets ready to celebrate Valentine's Day, a sense of fear and anxiety runs down my spine. And the ordeal is no less painful

The Valentine’s Week has just begun. For the next days, all you would see is couples finding themselves immersed in the ocean of love, social media walls riddled with adorable selfies and what more. For singles like me, the ignominy is akin to the search for a fountain in the middle of a desert. Trust me! It is no less painful.

From Anu Agarwal to Alia Bhatt, India has come a long way. Social media has reduced distance between the people to a large extent. Having studied in a boys school, I was often apprehensive of interacting with girls. That shyness remains till date. I remember a menial accident with a girl from a school next to ours, only to be teased throughout the day. Although I got miffed on being subjected to a frequent sledging from my classmates, but the Shah Rukh Khan in me was born that very day. Right from the age of 13, I had embarked on a mission to find a perfect soulmate for myself. And who said I was not qualified then?

Theoretically, I had learned the tricks and trade of wooing the girl and then asking her for marriage. Sadly and much to my frustration, the implementation is yet to be seen.

Much water has flown under the bridge since then. Now, I am a 27-year-old working with a reputed media house. A comfortable house, a decent paycheck, and overall a superb life. But there is something missing. I have no qualms confessing that I have had my share of heartbreaks. As Parineeti Chopra mentioned in Shuddh Desi Romance,”Jab dil chauthi aur paanchvi baar tootta hai na, to awaaz nahi hoti.”

So, Valentine’s Day has no meaning in my life. I won’t try to repeat a cliche line like I believe every day should be…blah blah. But the very concept irks me. I have fallen in love thrice and was left heartbroken on each occasion. Not to blame the women for the situation at all. The seven days leading up to the festive occasion is nothing less than the plight of a prisoner awaiting trial. It instills a sense of guilt and inferiority complex within me. You walk into a Metro and see couples exchanging adoring glances, and you are put off. Suddenly you find yourself in a crowded mall and it becomes difficult to make your way as couples are holding hands and walking ahead of you. Any attempt to break their bond amounts to irate glances.

While the couples on Valentine’s Day go on a day and do whatever they want, I either find myself alone sitting in a room in the company of a bottle of whiskey or among single male friends like you. Things become increasingly difficult when your friends become emotional after a few drinks and narrate how brutally they were friendzoned on Valentine’s Day itself. You cannot do anything and just walk out of the house, even if it is your own, and find peace.

And just when I thought things would continue to go on like this, it was none other than Shah Rukh Khan who came to my rescue. Remember the 2016 flick Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which dealt about unrequited love? The Ranbir Kapoor starrer had a cameo appearance by King Khan who gave a one-stop solution for the woes and countless others bruised and heartbroken men.


So this Valentine’s Day, no silent weeping and cursing my fate. I will tune into Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which is available on various streaming apps. And then, it will be watching Ae Dil Hai Mushkil in a loop.

Happy Valentine’s Day lovebirds!

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