Alia Bhatt has 22 things to say about Dear Zindagi, SRK, heartbreaks, Pooja Bhatt & playing Sharmila Tagore on screen

Alia Bhatt says that she has had her share of heartbreaks in life, she has cried but then said Go To Hell and moved ahead in life. Read these 22 statements.

Alia Bhatt is gearing up for the release of Dear Zindagi, directed by Gauri Sinde and also featuring Shah Rukh Khan.While there’s so much being said about how fun, happy, positive film Dear Zindagi is, Alia calls it a lively experience. The actress talked to InUth in Mumbai and revealed how she remains positive in life. Alia also mentioned that she has had her share of heartbreaks in life and she has now figured out the way to deal with it.

Here’re the few quick statements that Alia Bhatt made during her interaction with us on Dear Zindagi and more. Take a look:

On what Dear Zindagi was to her:

For me it was fresh experience because the film is different. You can’t compare it to any genre or any film. The story is way far different from what I have done. The locations, the character is everything is different.

On does she relate to Kaira, her character in the film:

I relate to the character I think and everyone will relate to it. The situations are like that. I think before I speak in real life but in the film, my character is very moody and doesn’t take anything seriously

On when does she say ‘Go To Hell:’

I say Go to Hell when you have heart breaks or fights with anyone.

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Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi (Courtesy: YouTube/ Sony Music India)

On how does she remain positive:

To be positive all the time is difficult but you don’t have to be negative either. It’s a waste of emotion and waste of time.

On one thing she takes away from Shah Rukh Khan:

SRK, even after 25 years, doesn’t carry any baggage on the sets. He will go out of the way to make you comfortable. He is very cool. He is passionate about his work and movies. He loves to do movies and some good and different work. The quality as such is very rare and especially in a superstar like him.

On what kind of person Alia Bhatt is:

I am secretive and don’t share but I have a lot of friends where I share certain things.

Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi
(Courtesy: Instagram)

On her equation with SRK:

We speak about everything. He used to talk about each and everything. Sometimes I would do stupid things in front of him. We are very similar in our thinking and behavior.The gist of emotion is the same, but the way we carry out is different.

On one annoying thing SRK has:

We used to shoot and the sets would be silent and he doesn’t eat anything and drinks coffee a lot and his stomach would grumble and we knew he was hungry. We would make him eat.

One memory of SRK as a child:

We had gone to Shah Rukh’s house because papa’s friends had come. He had done Chahat and Duplicate with papa. I had worn a ugly top. I had a sandwich in my mouth and I was staring at him in awe. When I was shooting for this film Papa sent me that picture and I showed Shah Rukh that picture.

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SRK Alia in Dear Zindagi
(Courtesy: YouTube | Red Chillies Entertainment)

On her message to youngsters:

I would like to tell all youngsters be passionate about whatever you do, never give on your dreams, even if the dream is small, just be sure about it.


On difference between her and sister Pooja Bhatt:

Pooja Bhatt has a great artistic approach and a great producer which is ten fold and director which I will never be.


On how does she tackle lows in life:

Yes I have had heartbreaks and when it happened I have gone for holidays.

Alia Bhatt, Dear Zindagi, Just go to Hell

Dear Zindagi Alia Bhatt
(Courtesy: YouTube)

On things about her that she would like to change:

I become hyper many times and I get angry very fast and say a few words which I feel like taking back afterwords.

On does Alia Bhatt ever lie:

I can’t lie. I get caught easily. I lie to mom sometimes especially after I come home late and want to go to the gym. I lie that I have to go for a meeting.

On whether she would like to romance SRK on screen:

In this film, there is no scope for romance but no relationship exists without love. But if there is such a love story where I could work with Shah Rukh, I would love to do it.

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Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi (COurtesy: YouTube/ Red Chillies Entertainment)


On her definition of a gutsy woman:

Gutsy woman: who is clear, focused and has the guts to say what she wants and stand by. For me Pooja Bhatt is such a woman.

On whether she would like to be a cinematographer:

I got to be behind the camera but if I do get time off, I would love to learn photography. I can never take up cinematography because it’s a tough job. You need to handle the camera on your shoulders which I will not be able to.

Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi YouTube screen grab for

Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi (Courtesy: YouTube/ Red Chillies Entertainment)

On the qualities she want in her life partner:

My life partner should be good, funny, responsible, sweet and should love me a lot.

On fashion trends:

The trends will keep changing not every second day but more often. I am youth icon and I don’t want to follow trends. Fashion and Bollywood go hand in hand. I relate to trends if it suits my personality. It’s all about personality and I don’t follow it blindly. You have to have a direction to follow it. I am young and love to dress up.

On is she a trend setter:

I don’t try and make it happen people follow it. I did a braid style and people followed it. I don’t have a forte to create any trends but it’s nice that people love it.

Shah Rukh Khan, Dear Zindagi, Alia Bhatt

Dear Zindagi
(Courtesy: Express)


On pressure working with Shah Rukh:

Pressure is there and when I heard the story, I was overwhelmed and he is Shah Rukh Khan. I have always admired him as a child. I am taking his advice and following them.

Courtesy: YouTube/ Sony Music India

Courtesy: YouTube/ Sony Music India


On playing Sharmila Tagore in Pataudi’s biopic:

I met her in Singapore where she was there for a poetry She said she loved Kapoor and Sons. When they compliment, it feels good. She is a legend and If I get an opportunity, I would love to do her biopic.

Dear Zindagi is set to release on 25 November.