Ajay Devgn agrees to meet fan who threatened suicide. But was it right to kneel to blackmail?

Ajay Devgn agreed to meet a fan from Jodhpur after he threatened to commit suicide. Don't you think he is setting the wrong example?

Ajay Devgn is going all the way to Jodhpur to meet a fan named Shamshad, who threatened to kill himself. On 11 January, Shamshad threatened to jump into a well if he couldn’t meet his idol. He wanted the district administration to set up a meeting with Devgan, SHO Nawalgarh police station Nawal Kishore Meena told PTI. On learning of such an incident, Ajay tweeted earlier today that he would be traveling to Jodhpur and meet Shamshad.

PTI reported that the actor thanked Jaipur police for their cooperation with another tweet in which he was provided Jhunjhunu police contact numbers. Ajay’s spokesperson said the Shivaay actor was concerned and doesn’t want the youngster to harm himself. Ajay was in constant touch with the authorities who would be facilitating the meeting.

While many would see the large-heart of Ajay in this entire episode, where he is set to save a man from taking a detrimental decision, is this really the right thing to do? This is an example of how Ajay knelt to blackmail of a fan.

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This is not the first time that a fan is known to go at lengths to grab their favorite actor’s attention. Writing letters in blood, waiting outside houses for hours etc., are just a few examples of this. While this shows the fan’s love for their idols, going overboard like in the case of Shamshad also reeks of obsession.

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By agreeing to meet Shamshad, Ajay Devgn may have just set the wrong kind of example, not only for himself but also his peers. But in the future, reckless fans could use this as a case to force celebs to give a nod to their demands.

While in this particular instance, we don’t know what other ways Ajay Devgn was probably left with, but giving up to blackmail like this is somehow not acceptable.