Rishi Kapoor exposes how young actors maintain their perfect public image on NoFilterNeha

Rishi Kapoor get honest as he could while speaking on Neha Dhupia's NoFilterNeha Season 2

There are a very few people in Bollywood who fearlessly speak without being politically correct and one such straightforward person is veteran actor Rishi Kapoor. He never minces his words and gets brutally honest while sharing his thoughts, be it on a live show or on social media. Recently, the veteran actor slammed Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi when the latter made a statement about the “country being run by dynasts” at his Berkeley speech. He recently lashed out at a cartoonist for his ‘depraved sick humour’ on the RK Studio fire.

So, now when the senior actor was invited by actress Neha Dhupia on #NoFilterNeha Season 2, he opened up on the statements he made on young B-town celebs attending funerals, his relationship with son Ranbir Kapoor, father Raj Kapoor and his journey in the industry.

In the podcast with Neha, Rishi made some unapologetic comments on young Bollywood stars. He spoke about his tweet on young stars not attending Vinod Khanna’s funeral. He said,

We have always learnt that whether you go to someone’s wedding or not but you must visit them in their tough time. When Vinod Khanna passed away, there was hardly anyone from the film industry at his funeral. There is a respect for your senior and for someone who has made it possible for you to make an earning for yourself out of the acting business. He was the pillar of the industry. But no film director, producer, music director or actor turned up for his funeral.

Rishi further added,

This fashion-conscious generation goes for the ‘Chautha’ which takes place in an air-conditioned hall. It is an occasion for them to wear their whites and beige clothes and wear dark glasses. Chautha looks have become similar to airport looks for these actors.

When young celebs did not attend Vinod Khanna’s funeral, a furious Rishi Kapoor tweeted :

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Lashing out at the airport looks of celebs, the Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi star said,

Even during the night, these actors wear dark glasses at the airport. These shameless actors have no personal time, for them, everything is about their public appearance. It should be exposed that there is a PR machinery who inform the photographers about the actors flying and them attending ‘Chauthas.’ They are never spotted. They always come dressed up for the occasion.

He also shared his mind on working with young directors and how they have changed the dynamics of the movie industry. He said,

Everything has become digitalized. The whole pattern has changed. Now the directors want a shot from every angle and the actors are being screwed in the bargain. I am spontaneous and I am not a method actor and it becomes really difficult to portray the same emotion in the same way from every angle. Otherwise, the young kids are terrific. I am having great fun filming with young directors and new thinkers.

It would be interesting to see how young actors react to such allegations.

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