How Chunky Pandey came to Sunny Leone's rescue and 5 other revelations she made on No Filter Neha

Sunny Leone got candid on No Filter Neha, Neha Dhupia's podcast, and made many revelations which will surprise and shock you equally

She was refused to work with, she was constantly objectified in an infamous interview, she basically went through everything that any Bollywood newcomer would dread, but still, the lady remarkably dodged it all. Sunny Leone is one face from Bollywood, who, despite all the negativity turned out to be a star who rose above all the hatred and condemn that came her way. In a career spanning six years, the Leela actress is touted as one of the most popular faces in Bollywood. What keeps her going is the unbending love Sunny receives from her fans.

In a podcast with Neha Dhupia on #NoFilterNeha, Sunny spoke with refreshing candour about her fans, the fact she is the most Googled person in India (leaving our beloved Prime Minister behind) and about a special friend from Bollywood who came to her rescue when celebs refused to work with her.

When she ventured into Bollywood and many actresses refused to share the stage with her, there was a fine gentleman who got Sunny’s back. That unassuming actor who quickly came to her rescue was Chunky Pandey. Interesting, right? Now, take a look at 6 other statements Sunny made on the podcast that just left us pleasantly surprised:

On the sour first experience in Bollywood:

It all started when at an award function, many actresses refused to share the stage with Sunny and the lady was patiently waiting to be called for a really long time. It was then that Chunky Pandey stepped in and agreed to go with her. Recalling the incident and explaining why actresses would have behaved that way, Sunny said:

I was new then and when a new person comes in and especially when it’s like they think it’s shady or who is this person and where does she come from blah blah blah, I think there is some sense of curiosity. Plus at that moment there were probably many women who didn’t like me. I’m okay with that don’t really care so much but it was weird to sit there, and I was sitting there for a very long time because they couldn’t find somebody to go on stage with me.

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On her first meeting with husband Daniel Weber:

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber (Courtesy: Instagram/ Sunny Leone)

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber (Courtesy: Instagram/ Sunny Leone)

Sunny and Daniel make a lovely couple and have been giving relationship goals to many. Talking about her first meeting with Daniel, Sunny said:

I met him at Vegas and had gome with my friend Reena. He thought we were together. In was newly single and somehow Daniel got my number. But I am glad he did not use it, else I would have freaked out and called him a creep. Instead he emailed me and after exchanging emails for some time, I gave him by number.

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On being the most Googled Indian: 

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone during the shooting of her upcoming Bengali film “Sera Bangali

As stated earlier, Sunny has trumped PM Modi to become the most searched personality on Google. Talking about this she said:

There are always people out there, trying to tear you down. Numbers are not something you can change- especially on Google. That is not my report. When I see it, it just confirms in my head that I am at the right place. It reminds me of how amazing and supportive my fans are.

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On being showered with love in Kochi and when someone slammed the city for giving her love:

Sunny Leone has got a massive fan following

Sunny Leone has got a massive fan following

I was shaking not because I was scared. But it was overwhelming. I wanted to cry because of the love. Then I heard a journalist say, ‘Shame on Kochi’. I usually don’t get bothered by what people say about me. But I felt bad when people judged the citizens of Kochi and questioned the entirety of India. All that people had to give was love, and demeaning them was unfair.

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That one habit of her newly adopted daughter Nisha which puts her off:

Sunny Leone with her cute little daughter Nisha

Sunny Leone with her cute little daughter Nisha

Sunny and Daniel adopted Nisha a few months ago. Talking about that one thing baby Nisha does and she’s not too comfortable, she said:

The baby did not want to bathe. It is not that she didn’t bathe but she didn’t like it. But I think it is just about patience. We gave her time and now she understands everything we say. She knows 18 words now and Mommy is one of them. She loves her bath time now, doesn’t want to get out now.

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On making friends in Bollywood:

Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh in Splitsvilla 10

Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh in Splitsvilla 10

Sunny has been in Bollywood for some time now but says she doesn’t have many friends. She said:

I don’t really have many friends. I get along well with people I work with. But it is not I meet people beyond that and party with them. I guess Rannvijay and Andy are the only friends I have. I can call Rannvijay any time of the day.

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