Anil-SRK-Salman Dancing At Sonam Kapoor's Wedding Is Every Drunk Uncle Ever

Someone show them the videos, please!

Yes, yes. Sonam Kapoor got married, changed her Instagram/Twitter handle to sonamkapoor*ahuja*, got taunted by giggling aunts for wanting to put the “varmala” on her hubby first and for guiding him through tying the mangalsutra around her. Fans have laughed and cried at every precious wedding moment. What we have thoroughly scrolled through is the treasure trove of celeb drunkenness.

This big “Bollywood event” at the end of the day ended up being like every other wedding with an open bar – people were drunk-out-of-their-wits. Why? Free booze, people! It’s impossible not to freeload on alcohol and a very, VERY drunk Ranveer Singh, Anil Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan… prove that that no matter how many gallons of chardonnay one can afford, aakhir dil hai hindustani.

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Free alcohol does things to you. While drunk Ranveer Singh (we have a whole other article on him because he deserves it) and Arjun Kapoor went live right outside at the venue, Shah Rukh Khan’s bandhgala was reduced to a piece of clothing with a plunging neckline at the end of the night.

Even the ladies were all prepared for their diva selfies.

Courtesy: Instagram/rheakapoor

Half of the face visible- CHECK!

Courtesy: Instagram/rheakapoor


Hair-swishing as soon as the viewfinder finds your face- CHECK!



While we’ve thoroughly enjoyed tripping on these hilarious visuals from the wedding, one thing remains clear that free daaru (alcohol) has had the last laugh.