Bigg Boss 11: Did the makers just reveal the first contestant of this Salman Khan show? -- See photo

Bigg Boss 11 makers have not told who are participating in this show, hosted by Salman Khan. But one tweet from them might have just revealed a lot

The countdown for Bigg Boss 11 has begun and the fans of this reality show can’t wait to tune in. While a lot has been written (assumed) and said (presumed) about the 11th season, but somehow, the names of contestants are still under wraps. But despite the names being shrouded in mystery, the name of the first contestant might have just stumbled out. The official Twitter handle of Bigg Boss 11 shared a picture of a girl who hid her face with a dupatta and only her eyes were visible.

This picture led to many speculations with many people commenting on Twitter guessing who the lady is. And then finally, few smart folks figured who she was. The lady in the picture is Halima Matlub, a Turkish model. However, we can not guarantee the authenticity of this. It might be possible that this is just a rumour and Bigg Boss 11 makers wished to keep fans on the edge by releasing the picture. It could be their strategy to keep the reality TV show in the news.

Till the time the makers don’t make any official announcement, we are not sure what to make of this picture. And in case Halima is indeed one of the contestants, it will be worth seeing how long she stays inside the house.

Here are the tweets of the Bigg Boss handle and the reactions it received from fans. And a special mention to all those Tweeps who guessed the woman in the veil.

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Just like Season 10, this season of Bigg Boss too will feature commoners and celebrity contestants under one roof. Reportedly, contestants will be divided into different teams- and every team will have one celebrity and one common man.

As the premiere of Bigg Boss 11 is nearing, we are excited about the show. And if you aren’t excited about the show, this video will get you in the mood for it:


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