Archie is legit the most-hated character on Riverdale and these hilarious tweets prove it

CW's Riverdale, which is based on Archie Comics, became an instant fan favourite with the exception of one character- Archie Andrews.

Even though the series is only a few episodes old, Riverdale has already gathered a huge fan following. Nostalgia-stricken fans of the popular comic series immediately got hooked on the show. After all, they could see their favourite characters in a live-action TV series!

While fans enjoyed seeing Jughead, Betty and Veronica in a new light, they seemed to dislike (and I say “dislike” just to be a bit more civil) one character in specific- Archie Andrews. Now, I’m sure you are thinking what good could an adaptation be if they mess up the lead character? But, you’d be surprised at how good the show is. It’s just that viewers can’t bear the sight of Archie, however hot he may be.

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Don’t get them wrong, it is not just that fans are looking at him with an over-critical eye since they love Archie from the comics so much, CW has really messed him up. He’s not goofy funny like you might remember him. Archie on Riverdale is this super serious, whiney, self-absorbed dude who just can’t shut up about his music career. Oh, don’t take my word for this. We have collected dozens of testimonies from viewers and they will tell you- Archie… is an ass. Starting with Indian journalist Barkha Dutt:

Here is some more Archie-hate. And beware. If you’re a fan of KJ Apa’s Archie Andrews on Riverdale, you might want to skip this part. Consider yourself warned. Haters, read on: