An emotional Rajinikanth talks about Kamal Haasan like no star ever has at the memorial meet of Chandra Haasan

Rajinikanth makes an emotional statement about Kamal Haasan at the memorial meet of Chandra Haasan. He says Kamal was never bothered about money

Kamal Haasan’s elder brother, Chandra Haasan passed away in London due to a cardiac arrest. At the memorial meet of the late actor, where many South Indian movie stars were present, an emotional Rajinikanth talked about the Kamal Haasan and showed his support to the star in the time of grief. He mentioned that Kamal was very close to his brothers and had learned a lot from them. However, what he said about Kamal’s anger and how his brothers used to pacify that holds immense importance.

He said, “Kamal is the angriest person I’ve ever met in my life. Only his two brothers Chandra and Charu can handle his anger. Whatever Kamal has made in his life so far is mainly due to his elder brother Chandra Haasan. The current generation actors have even made money, but Kamal hardly bothers about money.”

Sharing his concern further, he said that he doesn’t know how Kamal is going to handle the situation without his brother. Apart from the money aspect, his brothers are the foundations of his being, he added.

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Meanwhile, Kamal, who shares a close equation with Rajinikanth later also talked about him and says, “I’ve many brothers like Rajinikanth, can learn the art of money making and filmmaking from them.”

On the career front, Rajinikanth is currently busy shooting for Tamil science-fiction action film 2.o, a sequel to his own 2010 blockbuster Enthiran. The film will also see Akshay Kumar in a negative role. Apart from the Khiladi Kumar and Rajinikanth, the flick also has Amy Jackson in a pivotal role. Directed by S Shankar, Robot 2 is slated to release by the end of this year.

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