Ajay Devgn speaks about racist comments faced by Tannishtha Chatterjee

Tannishtha Chatterjee wasn't amused about jokes on her complexion

Actor Ajay Devgn comes out in support of actress Tannishtha Chatterjee who was grinded for her complexion on the comedy show Comedy Nights Bachao.

Critically acclaimed actress Tannishtha Chatterjee wasn’t amused when comedians of Colors’s “Comedy Nights Bachao” cracked jokes on her complexion. After she shared on social media her sentiment about the “regressive and blatantly racist” attack, a spokesperson on behalf of the channel apologised for “any hurt that was unwittingly caused”.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Tannishtha wrote about the experience of being a guest on the show that presents comedians ‘roasting’ their guests. She pointed out that the only thing they could roast about a dark-skinned actress was “of course her dark skin”.

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“I could not believe I was sitting in a nationally televised comedy show in 2016 in Mumbai amid such regressive (I can’t call it humour), and blatantly racist content,” wrote the actress.

“There has to be a limit. I have not seen it (episode) I need to see to comment correctly on it. Sometimes sense of humour goes overboard there has to be limit,” Ajay told reporters here at an event.

He further adds, “We all have sense of humour and we all accept jokes on yourself. The person who cracks the jokes has to draw a line. I think the mindset needs to change.”

“I think we all have this problem and it is there among Indians also. I am an Indian I am not letting anyone down. There is a mindset as there is fascination towards fair skin as there is more sales of fairness cream in our country as no one becomes beautiful after having fair skin,” he adds.

He continues, “In India we call waiter ‘come here’ and when we go abroad we say ‘excuse me’.” The Shivaay actor feels such shows are made and seen because people watch it.

Meanwhile when asked about the recent protest by MNS against Pakistani actors in Mumbai, Ajay chose to stay away from the controversy. “We need support for cause you are diverting it to something else. We all are here. I request you all (media) to stick to the cause please for today. We are here for a good cause,” he added.