Adulting Episode 2 Is Here And It Was Definitely Worth The Wait

Last week, we reviewed the first episode of Adulting, a web-series about two young women trying to handle the responsibilities of being independent adults while trying to survive in the city that never sleeps- Mumbai. In case you haven’t seen it, check it out right here.

The second episode, Mommy Knows Best, is out and this one revolves around Ray and Nikhat’s relationships with their moms. Every 20-something knows the golden, unspoken rule when a parent visits: you hide the booze and ashtrays. This is exactly what happens when Nikhat’s mom get shows up to spend some quality time together with her daughter (and her daughter’s roommate apparently). As the episode unfolds, we get to watch how the dynamic changes between mothers and daughters and how the special bond between them keeps strengthening.

The highlight of the episode is the irritating neighbor aunty that is always pestering the girls and is a complete ‘I need to know everything that these bachelors are doing cuz I have nothing better to do’ kinda pokey neighbour. Nikhat’s mom’s response to the nosy neighbor is the sassiest thing you’ll ever see!

With almost one lakh views in a few hours, the viewers are clearly loving this episode as much as the first one! If you still haven’t seen it yet, watch it right here: