'Adulting' Is Every Independent 20-Something's Story. Seen It Yet?

An intro to adulting: A term coined by millennials, adulting is the process of behaving like an adult and dealing with all the mundane responsibilities that come with adulthood- paying bills, surviving office, dealing with maids, filing for taxes and dodging rishtas.

We’ve all gone through the adulting phase at some point, which is why ‘Adulting’, the story of two young women trying to handle the responsibilities of being independent adults, is pretty much relatable for everybody.  The episode is a peek into the daily life and shenanigans of two twenty-something gal pals: Ray & Nikhat, as they try to make it through adulthood in the (super expensive) city that never sleeps- Mumbai!

Dice Media has recently released the first episode – Broke AF – where a hungover Ray forgets Nikhat’s birthday and tries to make it up to her in the sweetest way possible (despite being broke AF, as the title suggests). With over a million views and thousands of comments in two days, let’s hope the rest of the episodes are as fun and relatable as this one!

ICYMI, watch the first episode of the series right here:

Here’s to adulting like absolute noobs!