Accused of sexual misconduct after a date, Indian-origin actor Aziz Ansari faces backlash on Twitter

This comes a week after he wore the "Time's Up" pin at the Golden Globe awards function to extend his support to the #MeToo campaign

Indian-origin actor Aziz Ansari finds himself in a major controversy after a website named Babe published an account of a 23-year old Brooklyn-based photographer, accusing him of sexual misconduct. Ansari and the woman, identified as Grace in the article, protecting real identity, had been on a date last year after crossing paths on a couple of occasions.

Grace is a 23-year-old Brooklyn-based photographer, then aged 22. We are not using her real name to protect her identity because she is not a public figure. She says Ansari brushed her off at first, but after he realized they both brought the same kind of camera to the event, an old model from the 80s, he was impressed.

They flirted a little — he took two pictures of her, she snapped some of him — and then she and her date went back to the dance floor. “It was like, one of those things where you’re aware of the other person all night,” she said. “We would catch eyes every now and then.”

Source: Babe 

The report comes a week after Ansari became the first South-Asian actor to win a Golden Globe For Best Actor In TV Show.  He had won Best Actor for his Netflix show “Master Of None”. Ansari had extended his support to the #MeToo movement by wearing a “Time’s Up” pin at the event.

The victim accused Ansari of initiating sex without caring for her consent.

Whether Ansari didn’t notice Grace’s reticence or knowingly ignored it is impossible for her to say. “I know I was physically giving off cues that I wasn’t interested. I don’t think that was noticed at all, or if it was, it was ignored.”

Ansari wanted to have sex. She said she remembers him asking again and again, “Where do you want me to fuck you?” while she was still seated on the countertop. She says she found the question tough to answer because she says she didn’t want to fuck him at all.

The accusations have led to a huge outrage on Twitter, with most expressing shock.