Uttarakhand Assembly Elections 2017: PM Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Rudrapur; top highlights

After addressing a public gathering in Uttarakhand’s Haridwar on February 10. PM Narendra Modi is again in the state and is addressing a rally in Rudrapur

After addressing a public gathering in Uttarakhand’s Haridwar  on February 10. PM Narendra Modi again visited the state and addressed a rally in Rudrapur. Yesterday, he attacked Congress and said, “I am telling this to Congress people, mind your language as they should know that I have got all the information about them.

He added , when the earthquake came a few days ago, the PMO was closely monitoring the situation. Teams were immediately dispatched to the state. When there was an earthquake in Uttarakhand, Congress leaders were enjoying holidays abroad. I am fighting against corruption and whatever is taken from poor, I want that to be returned to them.

Here are the highlights:


3:52 pm: This fight against black money and corruption is tough but playing with danger is in my character

3:49 pm: I am fighting against those who have looted the poor and middle class of India.

3:44 pm: Imagine how many youths will get employment because of tourism

3:40 pm: Uttarakhand has the potential to attract tourists from the entire world. We have allotted Rs. 12000 crore for connecting Char Dham

3:37 pm: We have to take this Dev Bhoomi forward, give us an opportunity to serve you,

3:36 pm: Don’t we have to rid Dev Bhoomi off corruption or not, asks PM Modi.

3: 34 pm: We want to provide employment to the youth of Uttarakhand

3:31 pm: Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji created Uttarakhand. It was his efforts & policies that this state is scaling new heights

3:29 pm: I want to congratulate our scientists for successful testing of missile that can destroy enemy missiles in the air itself

3:29 pm: Rudrapur is just like ‘Mini India’. Whatever happens here impacts the entire nation

3:25 pm: PM Narendra Modi addressing a rally in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand