Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on January 16 addressed a rally in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand ahead of upcoming elections and slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that PM Modi had scared the people across the country.

Rahul Gandhi said that it was the Congress party who had “strengthened” the Reserve Bank of India, while it was the BJP who had “murdered”. Taking a jibe at PM Modi over the Khadi calendar row, Gandhi said that the Prime Minister had removed the picture of the man (Mahatma Gandhi) who had taken a bullet for the country.

He mocked the Prime Minister saying that it was quite possible that Ram might turn up wearing PM Modi’s mask during Ram Leela.

He also claimed that PM Modi was a hypocrite as he was “on one hand clicking pictures with the charkha and on the other was working and serving over 50 rich businessmen every day.”

Rahul Gandhi also affirmed that he didn’t care if his pocket tears up but the Prime Minister who claims to work for the poor will definitely not live with it.

He finally urged the Prime Minister to implement OROP like he implemented demonetisation.