Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017: PM Narendra Modi likes to peep in other's bathroom, says Rahul Gandhi

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed media in a joint press conference in Lucknow.

The first phase of polling for Assembly Elections 2017 has commenced in Uttar Pradesh while the newly formed duo of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed media in a joint press conference in Lucknow and launched alliance’s common minimum program.

Lashing out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Google remark, Rahul Gandhi said that he loves spending time over surfing the internet or peeping into someone’s bathroom.

“PM ko sirf google pe search karna accha lagta hai, logon ke bathroom mein jhaankna accha lagta hai (PM likes to surf the internet, searching things on Google and peeping into other’s bathroom),” said Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul also condemned PM Modi’s tenure of 2.5 years and accused him of distracting the people instead of answering the answering the questions raised by the opposition on various issues including demonetisation.Rahul said,”PM’s strategy is a distraction; when he can’t answer questions, then he starts distracting.Truth is that in 2.5yrs, he has failed.”

When asked about the alliance’s performance while campaigning in the last eleven days across the state, Rahul asserted that they have been doing great and it’s an alliance of youth. He said,”It is an alliance of two young people who will work efficiently for the youth of the state.”

On February 10, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing a rally in Bijnor, targeted Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and described how the entire internet is filled with the jokes made on him. He said,”I’ve never seen a political leader who has uncountable jokes on his name. Agar aap Google par jaayen aur dekhen, shayad kisi neta par itne chutkule nahi honge jitne Congress ke neta par hain (If you ever surf google, you will find that no other leader gets trolled by jokes more than this leader from Congress).”

He further slammed the SP-Congress alliance in the state and said,”This alliance is not an alliance of two parties. It is an alliance of two clans, one hails from Delhi and another from Saifai. One ruined the nation for 70 years and the other came time-to-time in power and ruined Uttar Pradesh.  In order to save UP, the voters must reject them.”