Uttar Pradesh elections 2017: India got its Trump before US in the form of Narendra Modi, says Rahul Gandhi

He also took up the demonetisation issue during the election rally and said many people died while standing in the long queues.

Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi has said that the US has recently elected Donald Trump as the President but India got its Trump two and a half years ago in the form of Modi. He made the statement on February 9 while addressing a rally in Khurja , Uttar Pradesh.

Rahul, who was making the speech at the Government Polytechnic Ground in Khurja said, “The United States of America had recently got Donald Trump in the seat but India had a Trump in the form of Modi two-and-a- half years earlier”.

Raking up the issue of demonetisation, Gandhi scion said many people died while standing in the long queues, farmers could not buy fertilisers and seeds due to cash crunch but the central government did not make any ex-gratia payment to the ones who suffered from it.

“It was during demonetisation that the money got transferred into the pockets of wealthy by taking it from common man, he added.

Underlining the importance of small manufacturers, Rahul said that the items made by them should also have name of the town from where they are. Like, ceramic items made by Khurja potteries should carry the mark ‘Made in Khurja’ instead of ‘Made in India.

Earlier on February 8, Rahul had slammed Narendra Modi for his ‘raincoat’ barb on former PM Manmohan Singh.

“When a Prime Minister reduces himself to ridiculing his predecessor-years his senior, he hurts the dignity of the parliament and the nation.” the 46-year-old leader wrote on his twitter account.

” He demeans his position and himself more than anyone else. Today’s events were saddening and frankly they were shameful,” he added.

Rahul has been extensively campaigning for the upcoming elections. On January 22, Congress and Samajwadi party formally announced their alliance in a press conference ahead of the polls. Where it was also announced that the Samajwadi Party will have 298 candidates, while the Congress will contest for 105 seats.