'Save country from Amit Shah and Modi,' Akhilesh Yadav returns PM Modi's S.C.A.M remark

PM Modi had said that the UP elections was a fight against SCAM, where S stood for Samajwadi Party , C was Congress, A was Akhilesh & M was Mayawati.

Soon after Prime Minister unleashed a blistering attack at Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, the UP CM hit back saying that in PM Modi’s SCAM remark, A stands for “Amit Shah” and M stood for “Modi”. He further responded to the attack asserting that the country should be saved from Amit Shah and Modi.

“If we have to save the country we have to save it from the politicians whose names start with A and M,” he said while addressing a rally in the Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi while addressing a mega rally in Meerut took a dig at the opposition and referred it as a SCAM where he said that S stands for Samajwadi , C for Congress, A for Akhilesh and M for Mayawati. He said vote for BJP and kick out ‘SCAM’ and appealed that this ‘SCAM’ should end for good.

The Bahujan Samaj Party also responded to PM Modi’s SCAM remark saying that the BJP should first peep into the scams under their own government.

Mocking at Samajwadi-Congress alliance, PM Modi asked those who cannot save themselves how will they save the state.Congress use to attack Samajwadi then what happened in such a short span of time that both the parties joined hands for the UP elections.Terming the alliance as opportunistic, Modi asked “what happened overnight that former rivals entered into an alliance”.

He said in order to change fortune, change the government in the state to ensure that fund reaches the people. Attacking the opposition on corruption, overthrow those who shield corrupt. PM added, “Even if I try and help UP from Delhi if the state Govt has no intention, the money sent for the welfare will go somewhere else. Rs 4,000 cr was allocated to UP Govt so that they can give health-related aid to the people of the state but they couldn’t even spend Rs 250 cr”.