13 RaGa-Akhilesh memes that really, really burn

As PM Modi led BJP registers an historic win in Uttar Pradesh, here are the most hilarious whatsapp messages and memes taking a dig at Rahul-Akhilesh

BJP has pulled a stunner in Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017 and nobody can quite deal with it yet.The elections were held in 5 states – Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa – and the results have somewhat thrown the exit polls out of the proverbial window. After 14 years of ‘exile’ in UP, Bharatiya Janata Party has made a comeback and the credit according to most mango people lies with PM Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. Many say it is Rahul Gandhi’s golden touch that has proved the lucky charm for BJP (#lulwut).

Results are still coming in but as of now Congress is marginally leading in Manipur, while in Punjab it is Congress that’s holding fort. Uttarakhand has also favoured the saffron brigade while in Goa it is Congress that’s barely pulling through.

On Twitter however, it is LOL-central. Everyone who can be targeted, has been targeted by BJP-supporters and things are definitely getting exciting.

A peek at what Twitter’s saying:



-When Modi took on SP, Congress and BSP all at once



c6nzhktwyaev_fm-Meanwhile, Akhilesh and Rahul right now.


rahulTranslated: I see only one way to wreck BJP–I’ll go and join that party