7200 liquor bottles seized while being transported to UP: Delhi Police

The truck was seized in Delhi's Shahdara area which was loaded with 7200 quarter bottles of liquor. As said by the police officials, the entire liquor seized was worth Rs. 4 lakh.

A few days ahead of the state assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, the Delhi police have seized a truck full of liquors, which was on the way to UP. The truck was seized in Delhi’s Shahdara area which was loaded with 7200 quarter bottles of liquor. As said by the police officials, the entire liquor seized was worth Rs. 4 lakh.

Generally, before elections, liquors are being transported to various areas of the poll-bound states so as to lure voters in exchange for alcohol.

On January 18, a similar situation occurred in the other poll-bound states as over Rs 64 crore in cash, including Rs 56.04 crore from Uttar Pradesh alone, and liquor and drugs worth over Rs 8 crore recovered from the five poll-bound states by the Election Commission-appointed surveillance and expenditure monitoring teams.

According to the official data out of Rs 64 crore cash major shared recovered in UP followed by Punjab at Rs 8.17 crore, third in the list is Uttarakhand with Rs 10 lakhs and Manipur Rs 6.95 lakhs.

On the other hand, Punjab tops the chart in the number of drug seizure by the team with the highest of Rs 1.78 crore recovered in the state including heroine and poppy, followed by Goa at 16.72 lakh and Manipur amounted to Rs 7 lakh.

Also, 1.98 lakh litres liquor valued at Rs 6.06 crore has been seized in Uttar Pradesh while 10,646 litres of booze has been seized in Punjab worth at Rs 17.54 lakh for illegal appeasement used for bribing voters during elections.

Officials said a total of “Rs 64.38 crore in cash, Rs 6.23 crore of liquor and over Rs two crore worth narcotics have been seized in the five poll-bound states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Uttarakhand and Manipur, till data recorded up to January 17.”

In the wake of upcoming elections, to keep a tab on floating of black money, the election commission has appointed about 200 election expenditure observers and some central observers.

The counting in all the fives states will take place on March 11 and Assembly elections in UP, Punjab, Goa, Uttarakhand and Manipur will be held between February 4 and March 8.