Manipur Assembly Election Results 2017: Congress beats BJP in Manipur in a neck-and-neck race

Latest Manipur Election results 2017 and leads. 60 seats in Manipur Elections. Heartbreaking loss for Irom Sharmila. Exit polls have predicted win for Bharatiya Janata Party

The results of the Manipur assembly elections were announced as the counting of votes concluded on Saturday. The state, which has been under the control of the long-reigning Indian National Congress (INC), witnessed a shift as voters displayed an affinity to the rival Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). However, BJP’s efforts were in vain as Congress emerged as the single largest party in the Manipur polls although, it failed to gain majority.

Earlier on March 9, CVoters exit polls predicted BJP winning 25 out of 31 in the north-eastern state, whereas Congress has a probability of winning 17 out of 23. LB Singh, Vice-president, OBC Morcha BJP Manipur said, “We are hopeful to win the election. Congress corruption and injustice of 15 years led this downfall.” Although Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh expressed confidence about winning, this 2017 election have been proved one of the toughest for the grand old party of India. Also, human right activist Irom Sharmila made a debut in politics. She launched her party People’s Resurgence Justice Alliance (PRJA).

Here are the live updates:
7: 43 pm: Congress wins the Manipur assembly elections, defeating BJP. While it seemed that BJP may emerge as the winner in an upset, Congress gained 28  seats over BJP’s 21 seats. NPF, which gained 4 seats, has been surmised to make an alliance with a non-Congress party.
6:28 pm: Still in the lead, the Congress party took under yet another seat, coming up to a total of 25 seats while rival BJP stayed constant at 20 seats. While the exit polls suggested a bigger victory for BJP, the long-reigning Congress has proved that the Manipuris are still loyal to the hand.
5:30 pm: Congress won another seat in the Manipur assembly, rounding up its current total to 24. NPF too won another seat, tieing with NPP at 4 seats while BJP has won 20 seats while others have won 3.

5:17 pm: 
According to the EC website, All India Trinamool Congress has finally raked in a seat in the Manipur assembly. Frontrunners Congress and BJP have won 23 and 20 seats respectively, with Congress leading in other 2 constituencies while BJP leads in one.
5:05 pm: Continuing its sweep, Congress won another seat, coming to a total of 23 seats in the Manipur assembly while rival contestant BJP has won 19. NPP and NPF have won 4 and 3 seats respectively.
4:55 pm: Congress continues its climb and wins 22 seats in the Manipur assembly while BJP won 19 seats, still lagging. NPP too managed to rake up one more seat, rounding up to 4 while NPF has won three seats.
4: 22 pm: Congress continues its sweep in Manipur as it wins its 21st seat in the state assembly. Rival BJP, which was expected to bring in a new face to the state, currently lags behind with 18 seats. Despite the exit polls’ indication that BJP will win, Congress, which has stayed in power for 3 consecutive terms is not one to be uprooted that easily.
4:07 pm: BJP wins 18 seats in the Manipur assembly however, Congress still maintains a lead with 19 wins. Long-reigning Congress is expected to take maintain its lead till conclusion as it is leading in 5 other constituencies while BJP is still only leading in 3. NPF and NPP are each at 3 wins.
3:50 pm: Congress takes the lead yet again, winning its 19th seat and leading in 5 constituencies. BJP is constant at 17 seats and maintains a lead in 5 other constituencies. NPF and NPP still hold at 3 wins while other parties. LJP and independent contestants each have won one seat.
3:35 pm: Congress makes a steady climb against BJP’s frontrunning 18 seats as it wins its 17th seat. As the Manipur assembly elections draw to the close, tensions only seem to climb as the two parties engage in a close contest.
3:24 pm: BJP currently leads the assembly polls with 17 seats under its belt while rival party Congress lags behind with 16 seats. Other contesting parties LJP NPF and NPP have won one, three and three seats respectively.
3:17 pm: BJP maintains its lead against rival contesting party Congress in Manipur by winning 17 seats. Congress has won 16 seats while NPF has won 3. Rest of the contesting parties have taken 4 other seats in the assembly.
3:08 pm: After maintaining a narrow lead in the state assembly elections, Congress was left behind as BJP won its 16th seat and is currently in the lead. Congress is still holding at 15 while NPF and NPP have won 3 seats each.
3:02 pm: According to the EC website, All India Trinamool Congress candidate Tongbram Robindro Singh is currently leading against state frontrunners BJP and Congress in the Thanga constituency. Thus far, TMC has not won a single seat in the state assembly.
2:38pm: Congress candidate AK Mirabai Devi defeats North East India Development Party (NEDP) rival Sapam Kunjakeswor(Keba) Singh by a narrow margin of 114 votes in the Patsoi constituency.
2:22 pm: BJP sweeps past Congress, winning 15 seats against its rival party’s 14. Among other contesting parties, NPF has won 3 seats, with 4 others taken by the rest. Congress has maintained its stronghold in the hill state but BJP took the state by storm by giving the long-reigning party a run for their money.
2:10 pm: According to the EC website, with results of 47 out of 60 seats declared, both BJP and Congress are looking at a hung assembly. While BJP has won 10 seats (leading in 8 constituencies), Congress won 12 (leading in 9 constituencies). Both NPF and NPP have won 3 seats while has only managed to win one.
1:38 pm:  BJP state President Chaoba, who had earlier wished to be the state’s candidate for Chief Minister, is currently trailing. If the state President loses, the position for Manipur CM will be left void.

1:22 pm: BJP spokesperson N Biren, who was earlier a minister for rival party Congress, emerged victorious in the Heingang constituency.


1:20 pm: BJP wins three more seats with S Subhaschandra Singh’s victory in Naoriya pakhanglakpa constituency over Congress rival R K Anand. In Lamsang, Rajen Singh defeated W Brajabidhu Singh of Congress. Samuel Jendai Kamei won in the Tamenglong constituency with a margin of 2,004 votes.

1:05 pm: PRJA chief Irom Sharmila has said that she will never contest in elections again, after having faced an embarrassing defeat at the hands of CM Okram Ibobi Singh in Thoubal. An emotional Sharmila went back on her word to contest again in 2019 after earning a meagre 85 votes.

Irom Sharmila

12:55 pm: According to The Hindu, BJP national secretary Ram Madhav stated that the party will be victorious in the state of Manipur. “Going by the trend BJP will emerge as single largest party in manipur. Trend shows negative voting against Congress. We expect to win 25; hoping to get support of other parties,” Madhav said.

Manipur Assembly Elections Polls EC
12:40 pm: Awangbow Newmai of NPF snatched the third seat for the party by beating Z Kikhonbou Newmai of BJP in the Tamei constituency. Newmai earned his victory by a close margin of 747 votes.
12:38 pm: BJP wins its third seat in the Kangpokpi constituency. Party candidate Nemcha Kipgen gained a massive victory with 13,485 votes, defeating independent rival Kharga Tamang by a margin of 2297 votes.
12:25 pm: D.D. Thaisii beats Yuh Jonathan Tao of BJP, winning the eighth seat for the Congress party. Thaisii defeated his rival by a margin of 4293 votes in the Karong constituency. Although the exit polls suggested that BJP might emerge victorious, Congress is giving the saffron party a run for their money.
12:18 pm: Congress ruffles some feathers as N Loken Singh beats Thounaijam Chaoba from the Nambol constituency. Singh managed to earn the party its seventh seat by beating his BJP rival by a small margin of 280 votes.
12:05 pm: Congress snatches yet another seat with Konthoujam Govindas’ victory in Bishnupur. Govindas won INC its fifth seat by defeating BJP’s K Krishna Kumar Singh by a margin of 5278 votes.
11:50 am: In the Phungyar (st) constituency, K Leishiyo of NPF defeats Somi Awungshi of BJP with a margin of 4500 votes.
11:40 am: Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh defeats PRJA chief Irom Sharmila, who managed to gain a meagre 85 votes in the Thoubal constituency. With her defeat, her aim to demand the repeal of Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act was also quashed.
11: 30 am: Muhammad Abdul Nasir wins another seat for Congress in the Lilong constituency. Former DGP of Manipur, Joykumar Singh won the first seat for NPP in the Uripok constituency. Singh had wished to contest from BJP or Congress parties however, given his infamous police chief tenure, he did not manage to get a ticket.
11: 25 am:  K Joykisan Singh beats Jyotin Waikhom of BJP by a smidge of 157 votes in the Thangmeiband constituency. With the victory, both parties are yet again at a standstill as the competition continues. It seems likely that neither of the contesting parties will gain a majority in the state.
11: 21 am: Dr Sapam Ranjan Singh of the Bharatiya Janata Party beats Congress rival K Sharat Singh in the Konthoujam constituency. The BJP candidate earned 14,313 votes, surpassing his rival by 2,772 votes.
11:17 am: This comes as a huge blow as she had claimed to repeal AFSPA from the state and bring about a change in politics. Today morning, ANI quoted Sharmila saying that a lot of money and muscle power has gone into the elections.
11:12 am: Human right activist and PRJA chief Irom Sharmila could garner only 85 votes in Thoubal constituency as she lost by a heavy margin to anti-incumbent chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh, Election Commission of India said.
11:02 am: Meanwhile, news has just poured in that BJP won’t be able to script a history in Manipur as they did in Assam; Congress leads the chart.
10:52 am: Gaikhangang Gangmei of Congress is leading from Nungba constituency, whereas BJP candidate Nongthombam Biren Singh is leading in Heingang.
10:45 am: Sapam Rajam Singh has won from Konthoujam seat beating Congress K Sharat Singh by 2772 votes.
10:27 am: Latest TrendsCurrent leads (28/60 seats):
  • Congress 12
  • BJP 11
  • Other 5
10:16 am: Heartbreaking! Human right activist Irom Sharmila has lost to Okram Ibobi Singh from Thoubal constituency, according to NDTV and CNN-News 18. PTI reported that Sharmila picked up only 26 votes in Thoubal, which is the home constituency of the chief minister.


 10:10 am: Losii Dikho from National People’s Front (NPF) is leading from Mao constituency. Meanwhile, BJP is leading from Chandel, Konthoujam and Heingang constituency; Congress from Sekmai, Lamsang and Lamlai among others.


9:59 am: There’s a neck-to-neck fight between BJP and Congress.
Latest Trends—Current leads (25/60 seats)
  • Congress 10
  • BJP 10
  • Other 5
9:49 am: Meanwhile, here’s the official update from the Election Commission.
Credits: EC

Pic Credits: EC

9:45 am: And, Congress have pulled up their socks.
Latest Trends—Current leads (20/60 seats)
  • Congress 8
  • BJP 8
  • Other 4
9:40 am: Latest Trends—Current leads (20/60 seats):
  • Congress 7
  • BJP 9
  • Other 4
 9:30 am: That’s how the tables turn. We saw it in Bihar assembly elections, and we’re witnessing it in Manipur as well—this time, in BJPs favour. Half an hour and 15 minutes up, the saffron party was trailing 5:2; and now, they’re 10:6 up against Congress. What a turnaround it has been!
9:27 am: Latest Trends—Current leads (16/60 seats):
  • Congress 6
  • BJP 8
  • Other 2

9:18 am: One hour and about half more is out of the way, and what do we see here—BJP are ahead in Manipur!

9:13 am: The saffron party is closing in.
Latest Trends—Current leads (13/60 seats):
  • Congress 6
  • BJP 5
  • Other 2
9:03 am: It’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first big test post demonetisation. Can they make it big here? After Assam, can they script yet another victory in the North East? Exit polls indicate he will, but let’s wait for the numbers to speak—it’s going south until now.
8:59 am: Latest Trends—Current leads (9/60 seats):
  • Congress 5
  • BJP 2
  • Other 2
8:55 am: From Konthoujam constituency, Konthoujam Sharat Singh (Congress) is leading. Dr Sapam Ranjan Singh (BJP) is trailing by 2 per cent votes.
8:52 am: Thongjam Biswajit Singh, the Bharatiya Janata Party MLA, is leading from Thongju constituency. His win margin is 2 per cent against Thokchom Ajit Singh, who is from Congress.
8:43 am: Latest Trends—Current leads (4/60 seats):
  • Congress 2
  • BJP 1
  • Other 1
8:30 am: Another update sees Independent candidate Y Antas Khan leading from Lilong Assembly Constituency.
8:23 am: First signs of the result is emerging in the state. The incumbent chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh, who is running for his fourth consecutive term, has held his seat and is leading from Thoubal constituency; PRJA Irom Sharmila is trailing behind.
8:20 am: The essential indicators in Manipur
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.4%
  • Gross State Domestic Product: 0.54% (2015-16)
  • Revenue deficit: Rs 49,960 crore (4.04% of GSDP)
  • Fiscal deficit: 2.6% (2015-16) – A special category state
  • Per capita income: Rs 43,163 (National: Rs 86,879) for FY 14-15

8:10 am: Predictions are swinging wild between Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress in Manipur. With most exit polls showing a clear victory for BJP in Manipur, the important question here is: Will BJP script history in the North East after the big Assam win last year?

8:00 am: Counting of the votes begins in the state.

7:50 am: “Like all parts of India, a BJP wave has gripped the entire northeastern region. People want BJP government everywhere for good governance,” a positive Ram Madhav told India Today while indicating that the saffron party is all poised to forming a government in the state.

7:40 am: Meanwhile, PRJA (Peoples’ Resurgence and Justice Alliance) chief, Irom Sharmila said that she is not much affected by the exit poll result, adding that in case she is defeated, she will try again in the 2019 General Election. She also accused the rival parties of indulging in wrongful doing and using “muscle and money power” to influence the voters.

7:32 am: LB Singh, Vice-president of OBC Morcha BJP Manipur said, “We are hopeful to win the election. Congress corruption and injustice of 15 years led this downfall.”
7:30 am: This is for the first time that Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) has created a strong saffron wave in the tiny northeastern state.