Manipur assembly elections 2017: What Cong didn't do in 15 years, we'll do in 15 months, says PM Narendra Modi in Imphal

Congress did no development, do they deserve to be here now, PM asked

Prime Narendra Modi on February 25 kick-started his poll campaign for upcoming Manipur elections, while attacking ruling Congress party here in Imphal, he said that in past 15 years there has been no development in the state and until North-East moves forward, the country’s progress will never be complete.

“In past 15 years Manipur has been ruined and who is responsible for this. Congress did no development, do they deserve to be here now”, PM asked. Assuring people that BJP will do as much work as done by Congress in much lesser time, he said, “If BJP comes to power the party will do the same work in 15 months that the Congress did in past 15 years.”

Where ever Congress is in power there is no development but corruption, those who cannot ensure peace have no right to govern Manipur. When Atal Bihari Vajpayee formed Government, he made policies for overall development of Northeast but Congress did not carry the good work forward, he added.

Targeting Congress, he said that they (Congress) will have to answer for all the sufferings of the people of Manipur due to blockade. People of Manipur will have to decide between those who take 10% commission and those who are 100% for development.

The rally was earlier scheduled to happen at the Kangla Fort but due to objection raised by Irom Sharmila’s People Resurgence and Justice Alliance (PRJA) urging that the fort is a sacred place for state’s people it took place at Langjing Achouba. Upcoming election in the state will be carried out in two phases: March 4 and March 8,and has 266 candidates in the fray.