Why Azim Premji's New Year letter is a must read for both Bhakts and Libtards

Over the years, Azim Premji has donated over half of his wealth to philanthropy and worked towards the betterment of the society

Along with the new year wishes, what came in an email from Chairman Azim Premji to his Wipro employees was not some profit numbers or targets or deadlines. All that the Chairman wrote was to motivate his employees to work for a greater good for the society.

At a time when there are political upheavals in India as well as the world, Premji – one of the leading philanthropists in the country – urged people not to ignore obstacles but find a ‘common ground’ to deal with them. Whether you are a Narendra Modi fan or a critic, a Donald fan or a critic, or in favour or against the Brexit decision, this letter is the one thing that you must read today.

Not to be deterred by differences: He said that there will always be disagreement and differences between people, but what is needed is to find a common ground instead of focussing on conflicts. “The reality of the world is that there will always be disagreement and differences between people, but finding common ground is the only way of moving forward,” he wrote.

Commitment to others: He wrote that the company’s success would make a difference to some of the most disadvantaged people. “This is because almost 40 per cent of Wipro is owned by a philanthropic trust, completely focused on trying to contribute to developing a better world, including helping children like the girl I met in Sirohi.”

Everyone has a role to play: He wrote that each and every citizen can bring some change in one way or the other. All that is important is to realise what part you can play. “It’s not that only people in public life can play a part. Each of us in our own roles can make a difference, and we as a company can make a substantial difference,” Premji wrote.

Can’t survive in isolation: Premji said that the society is interdependent. Individuals cannot be oblivious to what is happening around them, hence an effort to strengthen what is around us will ultimately lead to our success too. ‘We must recognise that societies, economies, and the environment are all deeply connected. Individual human beings and peoples find meaning in this connectedness, not in separation and isolation. Our problems and solutions are deeply connected. So every effort of ours to find solutions and to find meaning must strengthen this connectedness,” he stated.

Believing in values: Whether it be in your journey to survive or move up the ladder, we often forget the difference between right and wrong. Premji’s sound suggestions to all is to remain committed to values. “The bedrock of everything must be an unflinching commitment to values, at the core of which is Integrity. Integrity is certainly about honesty and honouring commitments, but it is more than that. It is about having the courage to persevere for what is right and what is good.

Over the years, Premji has donated over half of his wealth to philanthropy. He has worked his best to improve the standard of living of people in the society and has even worked with several state governments regarding the same.

Let’s start the year on this positive note and try to imbibe the most that we can.