These sixth standard girls took on plastic glasses in Madhya Pradesh

The girls started the campaign against use plastic after they learnt that plastic glass may cause cancer.
Plastic tea-cups cause cancer like diseases. This is the lesson six young girls learnt at school when they pledged to initiate a campaign against use of plastic tea glasses.
Gautampura, a small in Madhya Pradesh, where these six young girls who are studying in the sixth standard took on the streets to stop use plastic tea glasses.
The six graders made hand-written leaflets to distribute among the tea vendors so that the tea vendors stop using plastic tea glasses. The girls ask the vendors to use paper cups instead of plastic cups.
Arti, Asha, Lalita, Khushboo, Shreyanshi and Tina noticed that the vendors use plastic disposable cups in their locality.  After the lesson where they learnt that using plastic cups can cause cancer, they took up the cause and started the campaign.
In India, most of the street side tea vendors use plastic cups to serving tea and even pack tea and other edibles in plastic carry bags. These cause serious throat, kidney ailments and can cause cancer.
These six graders have got much appreciation across Indore district of Madhya Pradesh.
The initiative taken by these young girls gives a message that with a determined aim to serve the society, every person is capable of facilitating positive change.
In response to the campaign, the tea vendors are also starting to replace plastic glass with paper cups.