Son of Rickshaw puller and soon to be IIM graduate, is now helping children get educated in his village

Yogendra Singh is working on providing proper education to children in his Medininagar (Daltonganj) village in Jharkhand

There are people who after fighting against all odds, achieve their goals and Yogendra Singh is one such person, a son of a rickshaw-puller who will soon be an Indian Institute of  Management (IIM) graduate.

But what is even more commendable is that Yogendra is now working on providing proper education to children in his Medininagar (Daltonganj) village which is in Jharkhand.

“I consider myself lucky that I was able to overcome all hurdles and study at the Indian Institute of Management-Lucknow. Now, time has come for me to help underprivileged students of my locality,” said Yogendra.

In order to make progress in the quality of education in his village, he has set up a system in place which conducts debates, essay writing competitions and general knowledge test.  This is not his only aim, he is also focusing on providing proper training to the teachers.

“Our society will now conduct a general aptitude test for counselling of students from Class 8 onwards. I am doing my bit to motivate children for learning,” he said.

In an article published in Hindustan Times, Yogendra said, “I am developing a model of rural education which revolves around the use of digital means. I found quality database of education online like the free education resources of Khan Academy videos, Digital Study Hall, YouTube videos, etc which I believe can easily be leveraged to drastically improve the quality of education,”.

Yogendra who will be working  with a micro finance company in Pune, once he passes out of IIM-Lucknow, said “If I can do it despite adverse conditions, why can’t they?”