Meet Qizai, world's only living brown panda

It is believed to be the only living panda having a coat of brown and white.

All of us are fascinated and adore giant pandas, identified by dark black patches around its eyes. They are an instant hit among people across the world. But have you heard about a panda which is brown and white in colour.

Meet Qizai, a seven-year-old panda which is now a rage on internet. Once bullied when a cub, this bear weighs around 100 kilogrammes and feasts on 20 bamboos a day. According to Daily Mail, Qizai stays in Foping Panda Valley in Shaanxi Province of China with his keeper He Xin. It is believed to be the only living panda having a coat of brown and white.

Qizai means the seventh son, meaning that he is seventh of the brown pandas sighted in the last 25 years. Xin added that this adorable panda was often bullied by his peers who would go on to eat the bamboos meant for him. But now, everything has changed.

After reaching adulthood, Qizai has been kept in a separate enclosure and eats more slowly than other pandas. Xin said that most of the pandas in the valley are called by their names. But Qizai is comparatively slow to react to the calls.

“He is slow, but cute,” Xin said.

It is believed that scientists are planning to arrange mating for Qizai. They hope to continue their research through his child, which the scientists believe will hold key to more knowledge about him.As far as his colour is concerned, the keeper said it was due to a rare gene mutation.