Punjab Police woman mocked for same-sex marriage, here is a lesson for people on social media

Same-sex marriage continues to be a taboo in Indian society, no thanks to the supreme court order which has criminalised same-sex relationships. However, a woman Sub-Inspector from Punjab, defied the rules by tying the knot with one of his woman friends in Jalandhar on April 22. The woman cop, however presumed the identity of male groom she was wearing red turban and rode with her bride on a chariot. The wedding was not a hush hush affair, it was done in public eye with much celebration. Not only families, friends of both the women were also present at the wedding and gave their best blessings to the couple.

The image has went viral on social media and as usual has come under the scanner of the unsparing trolls. While many social media users hailed the marriage and even called for social reforms,  some homophobic trolls could not digest the fact that such people exist and see the whole affair with an eye of disgust. We should rather ignore them.

While there is another category that says if she was a woman why did she chose to wear the clothes of a man. Well, we don’t know how these two women chose to dress in there real life. So a mere assumption that all lesbians should be femme is itself erroneous. The belief that people fall into distinct and complementary genders (male and female) with natural roles is not always correct. Who is anyone to decide what any woman should ideally wear in order to suit their current political feelings, or to ascribe some kind of meaning to their clothing when it’s really just their choice?

While there is yet another group of whiners who believe what is the need to enter into an institution (marriage)that is being considered oppressive and with patriarchal roots. Well. Such wannabe social revolutionaries have reserved these comments for people with whom they are not even remotely connected. So Why only homosexuals have to bear the brunt someone else’s ideal image of the way society should function?

Here is a video that pokes fun at someone’s private affair.