#MuchWow: Air India Attendant Wins Heart On Social Media For Serving Iftar Meal

In the holy month of Ramzan, an air hostess’s humanitarian gesture is winning applauds on social media.

On Saturday, Rifat Jawaid shared an incident during his flight from Delhi to Gorakhpur on his Twitter handle. Rifat was travelling on an Air India flight when he went to the air hostess of the flight to ask for an extra bottle of water to break his fast.The air hostess, Manjula, asked him to take the seat, and for his surprise returned with a tray with water bottle and two sandwiches for his iftar meal.Manjula even went on to say ” Please don’t hesitate to ask for more”

Moved by the gesture, Rifat Tweeted, “Of course I didn’t need more. They were more than adequate for me. What is more heartwarming is Manjula’s gesture. This is my India”.

His sentiments were echoed by many on Twitter, where many appreciated Manjula and said that this is the real India.

Recently, reports had surfaced about Panaullah Ahmad, a Muslim man from Guwahati, who broke his Ramadan fast to donate blood, because he believes “Humanity is above all”.