Now a private clinic in Kerala exclusively for transgenders

There are government clinics for transgenders but they have often found to be ill-equipped to cater the needs of transgenders

Kerala has lately been at the forefront of reforms that aims to empower transgender community. The state organised a first of its kind sports event at Thiruvananthapuram in May. Kochi Metro also recruited members of the community to reduce their social isolation.Free education programmes were also launched especially for them in the southern state.

In yet another noble gesture, a private hospital has opened a transgender clinic in Kochi that exclusively focuses on treating members of the community.

Notedly, there are government clinics for transgenders but they have drawn flak for their poor record in handling the specialised needs of the community.

Sunrise Hospital, Kakkanad, has launched ‘Identity clinic’ to provide holistic, high quality integrated health care to transgenders, gender non-confirming and intersex individuals, reported Deccan Chronicle.

The multidisciplinary clinic offers services like hormonal gender reassignment and mental health counselling to help transgender persons to cope with the sex reassignment surgeries and the transition, the report said.

The clinic was inaugurated by Renju Renjimar, renowned make-up artist and secretary of Dhwayah Arts and Cultural Society, an association of transgenders.

One of the primary objective of the clinic is to provide integrated care to transgenders in a comfortable and supportive setting with a commitment to respect the identity of each person.

“There are hospitals outside the State which offer surgeries without proper mental and physical preparation necessary to undergo gender change.Those who have undergone such surgeries have found the transition extremely difficult,” ” said Riya, another member of the transgender community.

Sweety, a transgender journalist said,” Many among transgenders are not aware of treatments and medicines, and the possible side-effects if the surgery is done without proper guidance.”

“They buy the same medicines used by their friends without going for one-to-one check-up’s,” she added.