Lesbian escapes Russia by boat, sails to Canada to reunite with her true love

Crossing the Mediterranean sea from east to west, surviving a hurricane in the Atlantic, Elana and Meg sailed without stopping to reach a safe spot

There is no place in the world where LGBT members can live their life with ease. They have to fight hard to be themselves in every corner of the world. But those who have determination, they can cross oceans to achieve what they want. This is what a lesbian couple did to prove their true love to everyone. A lesbian couple escape Russia by boat and sailed to Canada to be with her lover.

Elena from Ivanovo, Moscow, was different from other in her family. Unlike other girls who liked heels and had boyfriends, Elana never felt the same. Elana’s family wanted her to be a ‘proper woman’ but to be with a man was not in her fate.

Elana knew she was different, and one day got what she wanted. One day Elana came across Meg, a Canadian woman on the internet. They chatted for six months and then decided to meet in Kiev, Ukraine.

But the road to Ukraine for Elana was not easy. Elana had to lie to her parents to go there. Elana told her parents that she was leaving to go to the opera, she secretly packed a small bag to make her escape.

According to the Prospekt Magazine, When Elena and Meg met at the Kiev airport, she said ‘When I saw her, I saw she was standing in the crowd of people. I don’t know how to explain how I felt, but I think I was so excited that I could hardly understand what was going on around me.’

Soon she started getting calls from home and her boyfriend as she lied about opera. After constant lies one day she decided, to be honest about it. She said ‘my mother was telling me to go back to Ivanovo and I was saying that I wouldn’t b, cause then I would never see Meg again.’

Soon after this Elena’s mother who flew to Kiev promised a discussion on this but was fooled. Elana said ‘Meg and I just thought that we were going to see my mother to talk and that that would be it, but she brought my dad with her and they attacked us.

‘They grabbed me, held both my arms tight and brought me to a McDonalds near the train station. My father slapped three tickets on the table and said “you’re coming with us to Ivanovo.” That was their ultimatum for me, and it was the first time that I ever disagreed with them in my life,’ she told recalling the incident.

A fight broke out between four of them and they landed in a police station. Unexpectedly, the police chose her side and protected them from Elena’s parents who, defeated, left Ukraine to go back to Russia.

Elena suddenly realised that her passport was missing. It had been grabbed by her mother before she left back to Russia. With no documents, and in a foreign country, the only option available for Elena seemed to be going back home, but Meg wasn’t going to give up so easily.

“After we realised that my passport was missing she started planning on how I could escape and ask for protection in Canada. We went to the consulate in Kiev but the consul recommended Meg to go back home saying that she couldn’t do anything for me unless we could manage to get me onto Canadian soil. Only then could I ask for protection and refugee status.”

When a friend from work was able to retrieve her passport from the family’s home, and was able to bring it to Odessa.

In Turkey, Meg put a mortgage on her house in Canada and bought a sailing boat. Elena took sailing lessons. 2 months later, they were in the open sea.

Crossing the Mediterranean sea from east to west, surviving a hurricane in the Atlantic, they sailed without stopping to reach safe spot. After 10 months, the couple arrived in Canada in April 2007. Meg and Elena live on the same sailing boat they bought in Turkey.