Kerala Shows The Way Again With First Trans Man News Anchor

Hrithik dreams of becoming an IAS officer

Hrithik M became the first trans man in Kerala to become the anchor of a weekly news show on Malayalam channel Jeevan TV. After undergoing sex reassignment surgery in 2017, Hrithik found it difficult to land a job despite having a BBA degree. He worked as a freelance content writer and also worked as a part-time domestic worker.

Hrithik told TNM,

“I can’t describe how I felt when I was doing it for the first time, my happiness was beyond words. I can now regularly anchor the show. It was Thripthi who suggested my name for this. Then, since there was no communication from the channel’s side for a few days, I thought I was not selected. But I got a call later. I had done well in the audition but still it’s unbelievable for me that I have got the job.”

Hrithik is married to entrepreneur Thripthi who was the first transperson in India to get artisan certificate from the Union government.